George W. Kush and a wash

I’ve heard there’s a sign outside of the Rothko Chapel in Houston that reads: “This Is A Sacred Place Where All Are Welcome.” What a concept! That even a grimy heathen such as myself is allowed to enter a sacred place, pull up a pew and contemplate the complexities of the flesh-covered contraptions known as humans, and yet it isn’t a unique establishment in that regard, for the Rothko Chapel shares some similarities with my favorite laundromat.

My laundromat is housed within Iroquois Manor, the same place that was featured in Bryson Tiller’s music video “Sorry Not Sorry,” making it the most-famous and important shopping center in all of Louisville, and, for sure, it is a sacred place where all are welcome. I love going to my laundromat — it’s a lively, popular place with the locals and impossibly-cool and chilled joint, which is always popping and bustling with people from all over the world who now call Louisville home.

See, I’m vehemently against the idea of having anyone other than myself wash my clothes. They’re my clothes, I fucked ‘em up and got ‘em stankin’ to high heaven, and I sure as shit can correct the situation all on my own. I mean the very idea of having someone else dig through my dirty particulars sends a chill of disgust through my system… it’s not good on my constitution, so I see to handling my own dirt. Plus I got a process that makes the whole endeavor fun and that, from step three, screams out “Fuck You Jeff Sessions!”

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Stranger conspiracy

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The kids are right

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Bronze-and-marble man-life

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Being flat is trending!

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