Stay strong against the storm

“Black Lives Splatter” was but one cruel, racist and chilling comment among a myriad of disgusting, celebratory utterances attached to a particular video of the Charlottesville terrorist attack during which an American-born citizen committed vehicular homicide in the name of fascism, bigotry and white supremacy. The footage was shot by one Faith Goldy, a far-right, Kalashnikov-lovin’, Canadian Catholic propagandist, who works for the online house of garbage known as “The Rebel,” which is also a base of operations for one Gavin McInnes, king of all hipsterdom and founder and leader of the western chauvinist fraternity The Proud Boys. In the moments just before the physically-occupied Dodge Challenger collides into the anti-racist protesters, Goldy can be seen using the live streaming app Periscope as she snakes through the crowd of demonstrators wearing a smirk on her face, while she makes disparaging remarks in a mocking, self-righteous tone about Black Lives Matter, multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion, all while complaining that the police are perpetrating a double standard in Charlottesville for ending the bigoted festivities early at the “Unite The Right” rally on the alt-right side of Emancipation Park, and, much to her dismay, allowing the resistance to continue to march down the road unabated. Then, in a flash, Goldy’s camera haphazardly captures the violent collision as it occurs directly in front of her and shockingly close, a deluge of innocent bodies smashed and flung into the air.

“Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!” she can be heard screaming, before switching over to “Oh My God!” And then, in a spectacularly modern-day move, Goldy turns her camera back on herself, her face now slammed in a state of shock that lasts but a brief moment, just long enough for this purveyor of exploitation journalism to catch her breath so she can then devolve into straight “Nightcrawler” mode, pushing herself and her camera ever deeper into the tragedy as she attempts to film the fallen and the wounded, all of whom, only moments prior, she was happily smearing with great heaps of disdain, scorn and nastiness in hopes of gaining hits from her ghastly followers. At one point, in the most lackadaisical matter possible, she yells out for medics before wandering off to ask bystanders if they, too, had seen the crash, not helping anyone but herself.

It’s an infuriating and horrific 15 minutes to witness, all the more insulting because of Goldy’s insistence to insert herself in front of the camera, as if a serious attack on civil liberties is a place for her to play YouTuber. Here we have a mocking, ultraconservative, view-starved, internet personality, placing herself into the middle of a group of people fighting for their rights — to simply be allowed to live and prosper in peace — so she can lionize the hate-group aggressors and dismiss those under attack as fringe liberals who are trying to silence perfectly well-balanced, red-blooded American boys. (She has a spiel in the beginning of her video about white men finally becoming conscious of their plight and uniting together to prevent their own imminent genocide).

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