One more comment on Covington

Covington fuckin’ Catholic on the cross… I feel amazing! Have you ever been proven so right on a massive subject that your very soul shines ever so goddamn bright there’s no fuckin’ way the giant intergalactic space spiders who run this whole shitshow don’t see you blasting holy light from your pores from up high?

Well no, of course you don’t, because you, yes you, are a mook! From a long line of mooks you have descended, so you have not a clue in your empty cavernous skull of what it is I speak. But, that’s OK, my simpleton. I will explain it in the lamest of laymen terms, and I will add a solution to what ails your stupid ass as a bonus, a gift to you and your unremarkable family.

I spent days reading what idiots wrote about that shit online, and I walked away knowing I was now dumber for having done so.

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Louis C.K. was funny

Comedy is a risky business. The shelf life of any given joke is like six months, and then poof — what we all were just cackling at is suddenly off limits, and everyone starts pointing fingers and passing the blame... Read More ›

The summer of talking it out

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