LEO Readers' Choice 2022: Services

Oct 12, 2022 at 1:24 pm
David (inspired by Michelangelo)' at the 21c Museum Hotel Louisville.
David (inspired by Michelangelo)' at the 21c Museum Hotel Louisville.

Best Advertising Agency

1. An Agency
2. Honeywick
3. PriceWeber Marketing 

Best Local Bank

1. Republic Bank & Trust Company
2. Stock Yards Bank and Trust
3. Chase Bank

Best Credit Union

1. L&N Federal Credit Union
2. Park Community Credit Union
3. Commonwealth Credit Union

Best Dry Cleaner

1. Highland Cleaners
2. Holiday Green Cleaners & Laundry
3. Parrot Cleaners Nu-Yale Cleaners (tied for 3rd)

Best Grocery Store

1. Kroger
2. Trader Joe’s
3. Paul’s Fruit Market

Best Hotel

1. 21c Museum Hotel Louisville
2. Omni
3. Brown Hotel

Best Lawyer

1. Reczek Chase Law
2. Nicholas Neumann, PLLC - Daugherty, Neumann & Aslam PLLC
3. Mory & Colliersmith, PLLC

Best Local Pet Grooming

1. Bark Avenue
2. That Dog Groomin’ Guy
3. Pawsitively Dogs Grooming

Best Mechanic

1. Matt McCormick
2. Nathanson Auto Repair Tachyon Performance (tied for 2nd)
3. Probilt

Best Photographer

1. Ashley Murphy- Beyond The     Line Studio
2. Jon Cherry
3. T.A. Yero - Two Hearts Media

Best PR Firm

1. Debra Locker Group
2. Lemonade PR PriceWeber Marketing (tied for 2nd)
3. C2 Strategic Communications

Best Travel Agency

1. FTJ Travel by Heather
2. My World Travel
3. Mint Julep Experiences

Best Roofer

1. Bone Dry Roofing
2. Highland Roofing Company
3. HKC Roofing

Best Plumber

1. BC Plumbing
2. Tom Drexler
3. Tony’s Plumbing

Best Vet Clinic

1. VCA Fairleigh Animal Hospital
2. Doerr Animal Clinic
3. The Advetcate

Best Doggie Daycare

1. Almost Home Boarding    and Training
2. Fern Creek Pet Resort
3. The Pet Station Country Club

Best Videographer

1. Kyle Gordon - Best Dad Media
2. Louisville Bluegrass Photography
3. James Reid - PriceWeber

Best Interior Designer

1. Chad Cobb
2. Journey +Jacobs
3. Lee Robinson Lindsay Edelen Victor Saho (tied for 3rd)

Best Place to Take Music Lessons

1. Mom’s Music
2. Heartland Music Together Scott Carney (tied for 2nd)
3. Guitar Emporium Louisville Folk School (tied for 3rd)