Your Friendly Neighborhood Comic Reviews: 'Indigo Children' And 'The Ambassadors'

Apr 23, 2023 at 10:16 pm
Your Friendly Neighborhood Comic Reviews: 'Indigo Children' And 'The Ambassadors'

"Indigo Children" #1

Story by Curt Pires & Rockwell White
Art by Alex Diotto & Dee Cunniffe
Indigo Children is a brand new Sci-Fi story based in Chechnya. The story follows Donovan Price, a journalist who was sent a mysterious videotape about the Indigo Children, a group of supernatural children who have a strange connection to their past lives as aliens who lived on Mars. The videotape focuses on a particular Indigo Child Alexi, who was allegedly sent to a Truman Show style town by the government. In the videotape Alexi warns Earth that the end of the earth is near and the Indigo Children have been sent to stop it.
Donovan soon finds himself wrapped up in a conspiracy involving Alexi and his disappearance. Authors Curt Pires (Who you might know from It’s Only Teenage Wasteland and Olympia) and Rockwell White provide an interesting and mysterious story that will leave you at the edge of your seat until the next issue and the comic features entire pages filled with beautiful shades of purple.

"The Ambassadors" #1

Story by Mark Millar
Art by Frank Quitely
 This should come as no surprise to anyone who reads my reviews, but the superhero genre isn't really my favorite comic.  That said, I'll still pick up the occasional Spidey or some big ol' crazy storyline that's shaking up things.  Thus, when I looked at the cover of Ambassadors, I put it back on the rack.  Then for some reason I picked it back up and looked inside.  This book is gorgeous, from the delicate linework and perfect colors of Frank Quitely to the intricately crafted story.  This one was a perfect example of "don't judge a book by its cover."
   The story opens in Mexico, 1986.  What looks like a scene of a tavern in a sleepy town turns into insanity when a monkey-ish figure who's obviously drunk, shows his Yoda-like force using abilities.  If this was a Star Wars book, I'd say this fellow has gone to the dark side!  Then he's approached by a Men In Black type from the Department of Extra-Normal Operations who knows enough about the scary chimp guy to offer him a bag of skittles and to play his favorite Simple Minds album.  Ooookay!
    A few snips of story later and we're in Washington DC with some decrepit old government/military guys discussing the old program in which they tried to scare the Soviets with costumed actors putting forth the notion that America has a Superman type of superhero.  Actually, this is more like the guy from The Boys we were trying to pretend was on our side.  Well, it seems that in South Korea a real live honest to goodness superhero is
being unveiled and she is looking for good people to join her and she will bestow them with the powers they'll need to be on her "rescue squad".  It sounds benign, but the details, characters, and behind the scenes panels are chilling.  It gives me "Watchmen" vibes.  Don't miss this one!