Village 8 Theatres Is Now Showing New Releases, And Tickets Are Still Cheap

Sep 8, 2021 at 4:23 pm
Village 8 Theatres  |  Via Facebook
Village 8 Theatres | Via Facebook

The streaming landscape is changing, and getting more aggressive, as companies like HBO, Netflix and Hulu acquire more titles, create their own content and put what seems like endless hours of shows and movies into living rooms everywhere. 

That’s forced Village 8 Theatres, an indie theater that has long showed second-run films — titles that are often available on streaming services — to rebrand as a place to see new releases, at a still relatively low price point. 

The change happened earlier this week at the theater, which is located at 4014 Dutchmans Lane in St. Matthews. 

Tickets for matinee showings are now $5, instead of the $3 that the company previously charged. And weeknights and weekends tickets will now be $8 instead of $4. 

“As the movie theater industry evolves in the wake of COVID and streaming services, we felt it was time to reprogram our offerings at Village 8,” Les Aberson, owner of Apex Entertainment, the theater’s parent company, said in a statement. “Customers will still be able to watch movies at a significantly lower price than what they would pay at a big chain.” 

Spokesperson Elizabeth Post added,“There’s no such thing as second-release movies anymore because of the prevalence of streaming services.”

Historically, second-run theaters like Village 8 have shown films for reduced prices after first-run theaters stop showing them.

Post said that, by far, the majority of the questions that the company has fielded about the change are about whether the $2 Tuesday tickets are still available. They are, which is a bargain for a first-run film.

Tickets for the theater are now available on Fandango. Village 8 is also now offering private watch parties with packages available for theater rental. For additional information and showtimes visit

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