UPS Driver Who Went Viral On TikTok Gives Snacks To J-Town Family

Dec 9, 2022 at 10:35 am
UPS Driver Dorian Young and Toni and Jason Barnett.  |  Carolyn Brown.
UPS Driver Dorian Young and Toni and Jason Barnett. | Carolyn Brown.

A UPS driver who went viral for his enthusiastic reactions to a family’s front porch snacks got to repay the family yesterday.

Toni and Jason Barnett, who live in J-Town, leave snacks on their front porch for delivery drivers during the holiday season. The couple’s Nest camera records the drivers as they come up to the porch, and Toni sometimes shares their reactions on TikTok.

One driver, Dorian Young, recently went viral for his particularly enthusiastic reactions to the snacks. 

In the original video, which was posted on Tuesday, Nov. 29, Young walked up to the family’s home carrying two deliveries. As he approached, he saw the snacks and reacted with glee — “You guys are the best!”

Then, as he moved around excitedly, he said, “I gotta take a Snapchat of this. Ooh, Capri Suns are my favorite, yeees!”

@toniraebarnett Snacks for our delivery drivers. This reaction might be one of the best! #snackcart #fyp #ups #nestcam #christmas #delivery #foryou ? Here Comes Santa Claus - Gene Autry

Young returned to the Barnetts’ house for another delivery not long after the first video was posted. In that TikTok, he said, “Oh, dude, we’re back again with the Capri Suns!” 

He laughed and added: “I think this is where I went viral, isn’t it? You guys are awesome. Thank you!”

As of this writing, the videos have more than 520,000 plays combined. The original video has garnered attention from dozens of news outlets.

At a media event at the Barnetts’ J-Town home on Thursday afternoon, Young presented the Barnetts with more snacks for their cart: trail mix, cheese crackers,  Frito-Lay snack bags, Capri Suns and water bottles.

In return, the Barnetts presented him with even more snacks, too — a package of Capri-Suns and Frito-Lay bags, with appreciation for his energy and enthusiasm. 

Afterward, Young’s manager Scott Basham also recognized Young for his work and positive attitude.

Young, who has worked at UPS for three years, told reporters that going viral was “a super rad experience” but “really humbling” as well.

Tori Barnett encouraged other people to leave snacks for delivery drivers in their own neighborhoods, too, as a way to repay the drivers for their hard work.

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