The Fleur de Flea Vintage Market Is Back! Here's A Q&A With The Co-Owner About What To Expect.

Aug 31, 2022 at 11:39 am
Photo courtesy of Fleur de Flea Vintage Market.
Photo courtesy of Fleur de Flea Vintage Market.

The Fleur de Flea Vintage Market is coming back for its 8th year. It’s the perfect destination for collectors and the retro-inspired to find unique and rare items. Held on Labor Day at Waterfront Park Plaza, it’s just a hop skip and a jump from the city’s WorldFest and worth making time to explore. From 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Sept. 3, over 150 vendors vintage dealers, as well as farmers market goods, fall decor, food trucks and local craft beers and cocktails will be waiting. The event is free and parking is pretty easily found.

LEO talked to Lisa Porter, co-owner of the Fleur de Flea Vintage Market, about the outdoor event. 

LEO: When did Fleur De Flea begin? Lisa Porter: We started the Fleur De Flea Outdoor Vintage Market about eight years ago. 

What was the intention? The intention was to promote sustainability and educate folks about how buying vintage/used is a great way to save money, get some really cool pieces and help with the environment. Plus it’s a real treasure hunt and lots of fun. ,

How has it grown over the years? When we first started the market, we had about 40 vendors, a few food trucks and one bar with about 500 folks attending. Last year we had over 10,000 folks attend and 100 vendors and three bars. It’s become a really fun thing to do on a Labor Day if you are a local, and it’s really popular with tourists as well. 

Is there a time where you thought about giving up? We never really thought about giving up, but we did have a minor setback last year. We used to have the vintage market on Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. Last year, Forecastle decided to move to Memorial Day weekend, so we just decided to have one big show on the Saturday of Labor Day. We love working with the Waterfront, so it all worked out. 

What types of goods can folks find at Fleur de Flea? Folks can find all kinds of foods at the outdoor vintage market: antiques, vintage, furniture, shabby chic, primitive, farmhouse, vinyl, books, collectables, vintage clothes, handmade, pumpkins, mums, delicious food, local craft beer, yummy cocktails, repurposed items, junk, funk and so much more. It’s jam-packed with vendors from all over the South. 

What is something that is often overlooked at the Flea but can be a true goldmine? Something that is often overlooked at the Fleur De Flea Outdoor Market is larger booths full of what looks like junk but is full of amazing treasures. Some people just walk by when they really need to stop and ‘pick’ a little. Not only would they probably find something really unique, but those are the vendors who have normally been doing this a long time and are extremely cool folks. They work so hard traveling and gathering treasures to bring to the market. It’s basically a great day on the Waterfront, and most folks spend hours picking through everything, eating great food, listening to awesome music and enjoying cold beverages. After thinking about the last question, I honestly think there are hidden gems in every booth! Every booth has something unique. Don’t walk past any of them.

More info can be found at the website:

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