Summer Guide 2014: The Summer 6-Pack

Six ways to enjoy the outdoors

Jun 4, 2014 at 5:00 am
Summer Guide 2014: The Summer 6-Pack
Photo by Obie Williams/KDFWR

Kayak @ The Parklands
The beauty of being a late adopter is you get to maintain a lofty, wait-and-see kind of an attitude, while others do the dirty work of getting the latest new thing perfected — like the kayak. Skipping from seal-skinned Aleutian models to today’s resin skimmers, wait long enough and somebody thinks of putting in a comfortable seat and a dry box, and then — like color TVs and TV dinners — the price finally plummets to a point where you can pick up a nice kayak, with paddle and life vest, for maybe $450. Add an old pair of “creek shoes” and a water bottle, and you’re set to go.