Start Your New Year With Video Game Domination At Hideaway Saloon’s Super Smash Bros. Tournament

Dec 30, 2021 at 12:07 pm
Get smashed while playing "Smash Bros." at the Hideaway Saloon.
Get smashed while playing "Smash Bros." at the Hideaway Saloon. Via Nintendo

Tired of beating your family in video games? Looking to get back some of that cash the holiday season tends to vacuum up?

Head on down to the Hideaway Saloon on Jan. 1 at 6 p.m. for the New Years Smashed Bros (A Smash Ultimate Tournament). 

For reference, that’s the Smash Brothers on the Switch, although if you didn’t know that, you should probably not enter. (And, to be fair, neither should I, because every time I play that game, I just ramp Wario’s motorcycle right off the map.)

But, if you’re one of those unbeatable Smash legends that have logged a concerning amount of time on the game, this is for you, and being good is particularly lucrative in this case: There’s a $444 pot bonus.

The pot will get bigger, too. Entry is $10, with $5 going to the pot and $5 going to Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund.

You can preregister here.

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