Literary LEO 2011


Jan 26, 2011 at 6:00 am

Short Fiction

First: Tyrel Kessinger, “Sonnet To An Asshole”

Second: David Owen, “Art Lesson”

Third: Madison Fay, “Clothes”

Honorable Mention: Mary O’Dell, “Ritual”


Flash Fiction

First: Madison Fay, “Bronco and Me”

Second: Dana Oliver, “k.d. For A Day”

Third: Dan Barbercheck, “Come Home”

Honorable Mention: Casey Shepherd, “Intercession”



First: Makalani Bandele, “coda”

Second: Jeremy Garrett, “Toadstool”

Third: Dan Barbercheck, “Shotguns”

Honorable Mention: Rina Perlin, “Every Part of the Animal (Non-elegy)”


Something Different

First: Rob Jamner, “My Life In Quotes”

Second: Meghan McCabe, “Recipe”

Third: Ike Thacker, “Tightrope”

Honorable Mention: Gail Chandler, “Big Bill’s Metal Recycling”


Color Photography

First: Willie MacLean, “Festival Skyline #2”

Second: Dale McMakin, “Frozen Hope”

Third: Karen Leist Bassett, “Patriots Peace Memorial at Night”

Honorable Mention: Joseph Mays, “Coil”

Honorable Mention: Michelle Blackburn-Morris, “Time Lapsed Ferris Wheel”


Black & White photography

First: Chet White, “Pool Hall”

Second: Greta Imwiehe, “Abstract Louisville”

Third: Karen Leist Bassett, “Zoom Zoom Zoom”

Honorable Mention: Jonas S. Wilson, “Galaxy of Sound”

Honorable Mention: Patrick Michael, “Horse Shoeing”