Literary LEO 2011


Jan 26, 2011 at 6:00 am




inhale tomorrows all the dreams

they contain and fairer view

of end the changes


blow everybody away a lick

hucklebuck to which

parker replied


da doo ba da doo ba da doo ba doo


which is to say

leap a half step

up an octave, every line


a poem every poem, a journey

to juke: now’s the time

to change addresses, i told the family


let me have a minute alone with mack

close the door behind you lips taste

of ear even as if asleep


i know music moves the dreamer

guilt the anchor

the ship is sinking


passengers and crew are safe in life-

boats save

your fare, captain


the sea is soft and blue

as absolution

lush as coda, then


the slow white drift

but the body remains

heavy with itself


as a bough with leaves

and white blossoms a few petals

collect, quietly on the ground


beneath the tree’s

loss earth’s gain

lush as life