Comedy: Alysia Wood — A princess in jeans

Apr 11, 2012 at 5:00 am
Comedy: Alysia Wood — A princess in jeans

Alysia Wood is a rising star out of the Seattle comedy scene. The Louisiana native, who once lived in Louisville, has now settled in southern California. After several appearances in independent films and the release of her new album, Princess, on Stand-Up Records, Wood returns to Louisville this weekend at Comedy Caravan.

LEO: Who are your influences?
Alysia Wood: I was one of those people who literally watched every comedian I could, whether it was (on) TV, or I’d go down to Blockbuster and rent out their entire comedy section. So, I honestly don’t have one particular person, I just watched as many people as I could.

LEO: Do you remember your first time on stage?
AW: It was at a comedy club in Seattle called Giggles, which is now out of business — and, instead, they’ve opened a strip club called Jiggles. That’s a true story, they literally just changed the G to a J, put a pole up, and reopened.

LEO: Where’s the best place to get drunk when you’re in Louisville?
AW: Not everybody likes this answer, but I always like the Mag Bar. There’s a lot of places I’ve been hearing about in neighborhoods I didn’t live in, but I always went to Mag Bar because I lived across the street. I could get super hammered for super cheap, in a bar that’s sort of Cheers-y — in that, like, if they don’t know you, they’re not going to be super nice to you. They won’t be mean, either, but it’s definitely a regulars’ bar. I always love a good dive, somewhere I don’t have to wear makeup and I can wear jeans — it’s open until 4 a.m., and I can get completely hammered. That’s aces … I love that.

LEO: Some women say it’s hard to be a woman in the comedy industry. Would you agree?
AW: Umm, no. I would say there’re pros and cons. In some ways, it’s better to be a guy, and in some ways, it’s better to be a girl. I don’t think it’s across-the-board better or worse.

LEO: How so?
AW: When it comes to the industry, like, back when there was “Last Comic Standing,” it was easier for me to get an audition than it was for my guy friends. But, on the other side, it’s easier for them to headline without major TV credits; as for me, I kind of need them.

LEO: What’s been your most embarrassing moment on stage?
AW: I don’t know. I’ve performed with my fly down, with rogue snot happening. I’ve performed deathly ill. I’ve performed in clothes I’ve been wearing for two days because the airport lost my luggage.

LEO: As a comedian, is there anywhere you wouldn’t go for a laugh?
AW: No. Everything is fair game. To me, I choose to stay away from anything that’s anti any particular group — men, women, gay people, straight people, any particular religion. I’m very politically correct in what I don’t make fun of. But I love to make fun of family, problems, neurosis, addictions, and other conflicting topics. I guess that is my line — I don’t make fun of groups or denominations or anything like that. I try to make it things that we can all relate to or that we can all identify with. It doesn’t have to be based on hatred or ignorance.

Alysia Wood
April 12-15
Comedy Caravan
1250 Bardstown Road • 459-0022
$10; various times