ART: Greenhouse Arts Project reemerges as a force

Grand reopening for GHAP is Jan. 15-17

Jan 14, 2009 at 6:00 am
ART: Greenhouse Arts Project reemerges as a force
"Old Man" by Andy Cook

Reopening of the Greenhouse Arts Project
Jan. 15-17
1124 Bardstown Road
650-7803 or 468-0528



Because closed businesses dot the cityscape, it’s nice to see one that has returned.

The Greenhouse Arts Project is back, and like the phoenix, it has risen from the ashes of the old. The Clifton-area GHAP existed from 2005-2007, and its gallery shows were a highlight of the F.A.T. Friday Trolley Hop.

Shrinking in scope without a physical structure to call home, they helped start the Third Thursday Trolley Hop along Barret Avenue. Their name surfaced occasionally in area events like Forecastle, Kentucky CASA and Lebowski Fest.

Now they’re back in full. This latest incarnation of GHAP Inc. is as an agency and gallery. Their website features an online gallery, blog and videos, as well as information about their bricks and mortar site. Sponsors include Kosair, the Zoom Group and Zazoo’s Bar and Grill.

The partners include president Shannon Stelzer, a mixed-media artist who learned the basics of artistic and community involvement from her days at the LAVA (Louisville Assembly of Vanguard Art) House. Joshua Robinson is the chief executive officer who also writes their art and culture blog. The latest addition to the GHAP family, joining the board of directors in July 2008, is Michael Harilson as the chief operating officer. The new location is next to Karma Café (1124 Bardstown Road) in the Highlands.

“Our primary focus is (being) an agency for local artists, providing professional development through the services of other agency artists, funded by local businesses that believe in and sponsor their endeavors,” Stelzer says.

They offer consultations, services and ongoing promotion through their online and in-house galleries, and live video stream. Benefits like credit unions and health insurance are in the works. They have plans to do just about everything, except maybe sell supplies (and I don’t put that past them).

They are a Keep Louisville Weird company with a global approach.

“We are building initiatives with local corporations to provide public art efficiently, in a way that fits the needs of our community, using talent that is already here and that will have a positive and resounding effect on the population that will live with this art every day,” Stelzer explains. “Any collective art group, charity/art collaboration or community-enhancing art event is welcome to free exposure through our video stream and advertising initiative. Our end goal is one-stop shopping for Louisville residents and visitors who want immediate access to the intense creativity and capability of ‘Possibility City.’”

The grand reopening starts Thursday with a $20 fundraising event at their new space. The gallery will feature paintings by Andy Cook.

On Friday, head over to Zazoo’s (102 Bauer Ave. in St. Matthews) from 5-9 p.m. The highlight of the $5 event (open to the public) is the show-and-tell of their new media promotional techniques. It’ll be a combination of food, drink, music and GHAP artists working on site.

GHAP’s agency and gallery open house is Saturday from 10 a.m.-8 p.m.

By the way, the “green” part of the Greenhouse Arts Project is not forgotten. Stelzer says ideally they will “bring art to the masses by the greenest means available.”

Green art is the new green.