Actors Theatre Of Louisville Just Released A Video Game, And Its Subject Matter May Feel Familiar

Oct 18, 2021 at 3:08 pm
Experience plagues of the past in Actors Theatre of Louisville's new video game.
Experience plagues of the past in Actors Theatre of Louisville's new video game.

This past Friday, Actors Theatre of Louisville released a new video game called “Plague Doctor: Contagion 430 BCE–2020 AD”, which is available on Steam for $2.99 plus tax. 

The first-person historical fiction game takes the player through four storylines, each set in a specific city during a time in which a viral epidemic wreaks havoc on the populace. In one chapter, the player must speak to disease victims to document the virus’ symptoms; in another, the player inspects a plague-ridden ship to decide if it should be allowed into a bustling port city.

Currently, the game has two chapters available for play (“Athens 430 BCE: TYPHUS” and “Marseille 1720: BUBONIC PLAGUE”), and the remaining two (“Philadelphia 1918: SPANISH FLU” and “Louisville 2020: COVID-19”) will be available to download for free next year. The Louisville chapter will see the player “experience the disorienting reality of quarantine as Black Lives Matter protests “rock the city.”

"Plague Doctor" is part of Actors Theatre’s season-long shift to providing more digital multimedia storytelling content and integrating multimedia technology into more traditional stage performances. Its performance of “A Christmas Carol” later this year will incorporate virtual and augmented reality.

Actors Theatre Executive Artistic Director Robert Barry Fleming co-wrote the game’s storyline with Actors Theatre’s literary manager, Jenni Page-White.

Plague Doctor is the product of Louisville-based indie game studio Two Scoop Games.

Watch the trailer below.

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