A Guy Davenport bibliography

Aug 12, 2009 at 5:00 am


  • Tatlin!: Six Stories (Scribner’s, 1974) (with illustrations by Davenport)
  • Da Vinci’s Bicycle: Ten Stories (University of Chicago Press, 1979) (with illustrations by Davenport)
  • Eclogues: Eight Stories (North Point Press, 1981) (two stories illustrated by Roy Behrens)
  • Apples and Pears and Other Stories (North Point Press, 1984) (with illustrations by Davenport)
  • The Jules Verne Steam Balloon: Nine Stories (North Point Press, 1987)
  • The Drummer of the Eleventh North Devonshire Fusiliers (North Point Press, 1990)
  • The Lark (Dim Gray Bar Press, 1993) (limited ed., illustrated by Davenport)
  • A Table of Green Fields: Ten Stories (New Directions, 1993)
  • The Cardiff Team: Ten Stories (New Directions, 1996)
  • Twelve Stories (Counterpoint, 1997) (selections from Tatlin!, Apples and Pears, and The Drummer of the Eleventh North Devonshire Fusiliers)
  • The Death of Picasso: New and Selected Writing (Shoemaker and Hoard, 2003) (contains seven essays [three previously uncollected] along with 19 stories [two previously uncollected] and one play)
  • Wo es war, soll ich werden: The Restored Original Text (Finial Press, 2004) (limited ed.)


  • Carmina Archilochi: The Fragments of Archilochos (University of California Press, 1964)
  • Sappho: Songs and Fragments (University of Michigan Press, 1965)
  • Herakleitos and Diogenes (Grey Fox Press, 1979)
  • The Mimes of Herondas (Grey Fox Press, 1981)
  • Maxims of the Ancient Egyptians (The Pace Trust, 1983) (from Boris de Rachewiltz‘s Massime degli antichi egiziani, 1954)
  • Anakreon (The University of Alabama/Parallel Editions, 1991)
  • Archilochos, Sappho, Alkman: Three Lyric Poets (University of California Press, 1980) (adds Alkman to Carmina Archilochi and Sappho: Songs and Fragments)
  • The Logia of Yeshua: The Sayings of Jesus (Counterpoint, 1996) (with Benjamin Urrutia)
  • 7 Greeks (New Directions, 1995) (revises and collects the texts—but none of Davenport’s drawings—from Carmina Archilochi, Sappho: Songs and Fragments, Herakleitos and Diogenes, The Mimes of Herondas, Anakreon, and Archilochos, Sappho, Alkman)


  • Cydonia Florentia (The Lowell-Adams House Printers/Laurence Scott, 1966)
  • Flowers and Leaves: Poema vel Sonata, Carmina Autumni Primaeque Veris Transformationem (Nantahala Foundation/Jonathan Williams, 1966; Bamberger Books, 1991) (illustrated by Davenport)
  • The Resurrection in Cookham Churchyard (Jordan Davies, 1982)
  • Goldfinch Thistle Star (Red Ozier Press, 1983) (illustrated by Lachlan Stewart)
  • Thasos and Ohio: Poems and Translations, 1950-1980 (North Point Press, 1986) (includes most of Flowers and Leaves, along with translations of six of the “7 Greeks” and of Rainer Maria Rilke and Harold Schimmel)

Commentary and essays

  • The Intelligence of Louis Agassiz (Beacon Press, 1963)
  • Key-Indexed Study Guide to Homer’s Iliad (Educational Research Associates, 1967)
  • Key-Indexed Study Guide to Homer’s Odyssey (Educational Research Associates, 1967)
  • The Geography of the Imagination: Forty Essays. (North Point Press, 1981)
  • Cities on Hills: A Study of I - XXX of Ezra Pound’s Cantos (UMI Research, 1983)
  • Charles Burchfield’s Seasons (Pomegranate Artbooks, 1994)
  • The Drawings of Paul Cadmus (Rizzoli, 1989)
  • Every Force Evolves a Form: Twenty Essays (North Point Press, 1987)
  • A Balthus Notebook (The Ecco Press, 1989)
  • The Hunter Gracchus and Other Papers on Literature and Art (Counterpoint, 1996)
  • Objects on a Table: Harmonious Disarray in Art and Literature (Counterpoint, 1998)

Paintings and drawings

  • A Balance of Quinces: The Paintings and Drawings of Guy Davenport, with an essay by Erik Anderson Reece (New Directions, 1996)
  • 50 Drawings (Dim Gray Bar Press, 1996) (limited ed.) Introduction by Davenport gives an account of the role drawing and painting played in his life.
  • Joan Crane’s Davenport bibliography (see below) includes a 25-page insert of reproductions that suggest the range of his drawing styles.
  • Two books by Hugh Kenner, The Counterfeiters and The Stoic Comedians, include Davenport’s crosshatched crow quill and ink work, 10 full-page drawings in each.


  • A Garden Carried in a Pocket: Letters 1964–1968, ed. Thomas Meyer (Green Shade, 2004). Selected correspondence with Jonathan Williams
  • Fragments from a Correspondence, ed. Nicholas Kilmer (ARION, Winter 2006, 89-129)
  • Selected Letters: Guy Davenport and James Laughlin, ed. W. C. Bamberger (W. W. Norton, 2007)