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The 2019 LEO Playlist: Our Favorite Local Songs Of The Year

Art often reflects social concerns, and that can be seen in LEO’s playlist of favorite local songs from 2019. There are some happy and optimistic songs, but from others, you can certainly piece together quite a few threads of worry about climate change, gentrification, chronic poverty, mental health and how technology is making us miserable, just to name a few. As usual, we had an enormous number of songs to choose from, since, once again, a wide range of Louisville artists released records this past year. These 20 songs are just the start of what is out there, a short... Read More



Managing Editor's Note
Keith Stone

It’s The Revenue, Ned

Andy, Andy, Andy, you are on your way to becoming a one-term governor. Sure, you...
Guest Commentary
Marc Murphy

If We Lose The Rule Of Law, We Might As Well Tear This Capitol Down

This is from a speech Marc Murphy delivered at a Frankfort rally last week as...
Ask Minda Honey
Minda Honey

Ask Minda Honey: He Kept His Out-of-State Kid A Secret — Deal-breaker?

In a relationship or life jam? Send your questions to: or reach me on...
The Unfucking of the Midwest
Dan Canon


I’ve spent the last month planning the next year: daily checklists, weekly checklists, monthly checklists,...