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Literary LEO Poetry Winners Are Here!

Another year, another Literary LEO. This year, the entries brought something that we haven’t seen enough of in recent years: a tilt toward the feminine, in tone, submissions, and the deep tenderness in the entries. It was a kind year for choosing winners and honorable mentions, as we were highly impressed with the quality of the work.  We hope that you’ll agree and make plans to send your own voice to the magazine for the next Literary LEO.  As usual, there are the categories we’re all used to: Poems, Short Fiction, Cartoons, and Photography, both Black & White and Color. ... Read More



Editor’s Note
Erica Rucker

Editor’s Note: Out With The Old And In With The Next

The Holidays are here again, and let’s think about this Editor’s Note as housekeeping. LEO,...
Caroline DeBruhl

Oracle Of Ybor: More Academia Strife

Dear Oracle, My partner and I both work for a public university. Or, we did,...

Thorns and Roses: 11/08

Thorn: Seriously, JCPS?  Bussing Woes continue as drivers “call in sick” for a second day...
Caroline DeBruhl

Oracle Of Ybor: The Most Polite Way I Can Say “Maybe You’re Kind Of An Asshole”

 Dear Oracle,  I’m a post-doc Ph.D. in a research field, and I’m in the slog...