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Illegal Vapes Hit City: Be Careful With What You Smoke

Federal agencies are warning consumers to avoid street vaping products in particular and to stop adding their own ingredients to vape juice. Vaping advocates say black market THC cartridges are dangerous for a simple reason: Unlike legal e-cigarettes, their production is not regulated at all, so you won’t know what has been added to your cart. Most of the THC vape cartridges linked to the lung illness have contained Vitamin E acetate, according to the FDA. That is a thickening agent that illegal vape cartridge producers will use to stretch their supply of THC oil or make their product seem more... Read More



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Aaron Yarmuth

Ban Driver Cellphone Use

Washington state in 2007 became the first in the nation to ban texting while driving....
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GOP Must Join Dems To Save Democracy

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We Forget How To Fight And End Up Taking Too Much

It’s been a little over a month since ICE rounded up about 700 immigrants in...