[VLOG] The Metal Grind With Athena Prychodko (9/18)

Athena Prychodko does a great many things. She works in film as a producer, makeup artist, actress, etc. and she’s hip to all things metal, both locally and beyond. Here, Athena will bring you the latest in metal news: where to find it, where to see it, and definitely what she thinks about it. Locally, you can find Athena at Better Days Records and get the best advice about making your metal collection grind harder.



About the Author

Louisville’s Blood Queen, Athena Prychodko is underground music aficionado and movie industry tradesperson.

A long time instigator of a good time… event manager, promoter and organizer. Either working on projects at The Heavy Metal Bunker, or spinning vinyl at Better Days Records, stocking the metal and running Thrashers & Destroyers: Heavier Days.

Cat lover.

Nature enthusiast.


Gonzo Clown.

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