Tuesday Tracklist: Songs By King’s Daughters And Sons, Siwon, Witch On Film, And More (9/4)

This week’s tracklist is dedicated to the coming of fall. The past few weeks of hot, sticky weather and in honor of the approaching cooldown, this list is all about the fall season. 

Cautious Clay – “Cold War

It feels like a cool wind coming through the trees. Time to get out your sweaters. 

Million Sunday- “Weep Season”*

A little local electronica that was just released on Sept. 2. An exciting start to the fall music list. 

Kate Bush – “The Sensual World

Thanks to “Stranger Things,” Kate Bush’s music has experienced a revival. One of my longtime favorites, it makes me happy to no end to see my son singing “Running Up That Hill.” But with fall coming, Kate Bush makes her way into my everyday rotation and the video for “The Sensual World” is rich with cozy reds and oranges. It gives me joy. 

Witch on Film – “Steve Harrington”*

Of course, if I’m thinking about Fall, I’m thinking about Halloween and witches. So this spooky muffin sings tunes with familiar names from shows like “Stranger Things.” 

Guided by Voices – “Learning to Hunt

I almost feel like they are a local band being from just up the road in Dayton, and having seen them in Louisville so often, but alas, they aren’t but they are one of my favorite bands and definitely one that I love in the cozy endings of a year. This song is as sweet as warm sweaters and fireside hugs. 

Lucky Pineapple – “Moonlight Spiderbite”*

I’m a big fan of Stereolab and Lucky Pineapple gives me similar vibes. I miss seeing these folks around town, their shows were lots of fun. In the spirit of the season “Moonlight Spiderbite” seems perfect. I despise spiders, and have a fear of walking into a web at night. I hope that the fall vibes and cooler weather inspires a reunion. The band still has a Myspace page. 

Siwon – “Only You (너뿐이야)

Cuffing season is almost here and this song is perfect for cuddling but also if you’ve seen the K-Drama, “She Was Pretty (그녀는 예뻤다)” then maybe you’ve cried to this song as hard as I did when it hit in the show. Ok, enough…I might cry again. Anyway it’s a great song for fall, cuddling season. 

King’s Daughters and Sons – “Dead Letter Office”*

Everyone in this band is fucking talented, and this blend of those talents nets gems like this older tune of theirs, “Dead Letter Office” from their 2011 release If Then Not When. They released some new music in May, but this piece…definitely tics the fall boxes and could be in a horror film set in the woods or any other tree-laden fall setting in a book or otherwise. It’s my favorite kind of fall road trip tune.