Regional Artists Paying Tribute To Tom Waits In Louisville This September

The cities of Dayton, Cincinnati, Lexington and Louisville have teamed up to throw Tom Waits Weekend, a four-day tribute to the legendary singer-songwriter.

The multi-city collaboration begins in Dayton on Aug. 31, then moves to Cincy on Sept. 1, crosses state lines to Lexington on Sept. 2, and hits Louisville for a final night on Sunday, Sept. 3 at Shippingport Brewing.

The Louisville event, called Louisville Waits, will feature music, burlesque and live art.

The show starts at 7 p.m. and entry is $10.

Here’s the lineup that will be performing at Shippingport Brewing in Louisville on Sept. 3: 

Music by: 

The Whiskey Shambles (from Cincinnati, OH)
SadBlackLab (Lexington, KY)
Mule Haggard (Louisville, KY)
7 Mile Broom (Louisville, KY)
The Sun Cats with Steve Sturgill (Louisville, KY)
Eric McM (Lexington, KY)
David Benson & Crazy Chester (Louisville, KY)
Nick Kirzirnis (Dayton, OH)
Charles Rivera and Aaron Bader of 7 Mile Broom (Louisville, KY)
Jake Reber & Emily Ravenscraft with The Past EG String Quartet (Louisville, KY)
Larry Green (Bardstown, KY)
Derrick Wade Manley (Louisville, KY) 

Burlesque by: 

Rita Repulsive (Lexington, KY)
Artemisia de la Miel (Louisville, KY)
Deveraux Dollface (Madisonville, KY) 

Live art by: 

Grant Goodwine 

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