Comic Book Reviews: ‘Void Rivals’ and ‘The Incredible Hulk’

‘Void Rivals’ #1
Written by Robert Kirkman
Art by Lorenzo De Felici
Review by Krystal Moore
Spoiler Alert!!! You’d have to be pretty out of the comics loop if this really was a spoiler, but, just in case, consider yourself forewarned.  “Void Rivals” #1 opens as two enemy pilots are battling it out in space. Both ships end up crash-landing on a desolate-looking planet. The first character we meet, Darak, opens communication with what I assume is his ship’s computer to receive nothing but bad news. The ship appears to be irreparable. Suddenly he’s being attacked by his enemy again. Fighting and insults ensue, but eventually, both come to the conclusion that in order for either of them to survive, they’re going to have to work together. Their two ships may have to become one.  That was a small spoiler.

Void Rivals #1

Robert Kirkman, who you may know as the creator of a little comic and TV show called “The Walking Dead” is working with Image and Skybound Comics to create the Energon Universe. The Energon Universe is where Hasbro Toys and comics will be meeting up again. So, G.I. Joe, Transformers and Void Rivals are all part of the same world.

On to the big spoiler!  Our two friends/enemies, while searching the planet for ways to survive, come upon an alien ship. But, their excitement is short-lived as the ship wakes up. That’s all I’m going to say about that! It was an awesome reveal and had been kept secret until the day the comic was released.  At least to us normal peons in the comics world. 

The footnote to this one for all you fans of G.I. Joe and Transformers is that in October “Transformers” #1 will drop and in December we’ll see “Duke” #1. 

“Void Rivals” was a great read, even without the superstar cameo! Second prints of the book should be shipping soon, so if you want to read this sold-out title it should be back in stock soon!

The Incredible Hulk

‘The Incredible Hulk’ #1
Written by Phillip Johnson

Art by Nic Klein
Color by Matthew Wilson
Review by Cameron Ely
The new “Incredible Hulk” saga begins and this time Hulk is the one who is in control. Bruce Banner, who had previously been able to control the Hulk and bend him to his will is now at his mercy. After Banner had managed to close the green door, a metaphysical portal that allowed gamma mutants to travel through, the Hulk was freed. Now Banner finds himself on the run from the government, the Hulk and other mysterious creatures that were affected by the closing of the green door. It’s clear after the first issue that this run of “The Incredible Hulk” will be one full of monsters rather than men.

Written by Phillip Johnson (who you may know from Extreme Carnage, Alien and Action Comics) and with art drawn by Nic Klein (who you may know from Thor and Hardcore Reloaded) you are sure to enjoy this new spin on the classic Hulk story if you’re a fan of monster movies. They bring in elements of horror movies and Lovecraftian-style horror which blend together well for an interesting and unique new chapter in the history of Hulk.   

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