Tuesday Tracklist: Doja Cat, The Ego Trippers, Jack Harlow, Ateez and More (6/20)

In this weekly feature, a different LEO staff member will share 7-10 of the songs repeating in their playlists right now. (Songs by Louisville artists are marked with an (*) asterisk.) Got a track that you think we’d like? Let us know at [email protected] or click the author’s name for email.

No themes this week. For me, I’m just thinking about the old and the new and all of this exciting attitude that artists are giving. Give me freedom of expression any day. From Doja Cat’s “Attention” to Sam Smith, “I’m Not Here To Make Friends,” and Jack Harlow’s “Gang Gang Gang,” folks have a little something to say and I enjoy the listen.

Doja Cat – “Attention

Doja is back with some new music. I love artists that push their style to the extreme and she addresses the reaction to her changes in this song. Also loving the body positive freedom of the video. 

Jack Harlow – “Gang Gang Gang”*

Jack is telling er’body’s business in this new track. I don’t know Kevin or Marcus but y’alls shit is messy, and Jack let us all know. It’s nice to see Harlow digging deeper into real world issues. He’s looking for growth as an artist and that can only net good things to come. 

The Weeknd – “Wicked Games

This song is an old favorite. When you’re at the end of the rope and all you have left is hedonism, this is the song. When “fuck it all” means leaning into the mess that you are, listening to something dark helps make it okay. We’ve all been there. 

Kiana and the Sun Kings – Cold*

I was at a party over the Derby holiday and was surprised to see Kiana singing at the party. Pleasantly surprised because I have loved her voice since the Butchertown Social days and just feel lucky that we have such a singer in our city. 

Sam Smith – “I’m Not Here To Make Friends

Again, love a redo and a rebirth in an artist, and Sam Smith’s leaning into his queerness is everything. Smith is giving us jewels right now and I hope that we’re really appreciating it. I’m seeing the pink coat reimagined for me, yummy! Come to mama, honey. 

Villa Mure – Push and Pull*

 I’m not sure how I missed this track for three years but, Louisville, honey, keep blessing us with more psychedelic, shoegaze-y goodness. This tracks fulfills any alternative, psych-rock itch. 

Ateez – “Bouncy(K-Hot Chili Peppers)

I like to claim that I know nothing about K-pop and, to be fair, I don’t. This is a new track by a band on a comeback and I just fell into it, and kinda like it. I am interested and somewhat perplexed by the visuals but it reminded me that my favorite Korean webtoon, “The Boxer,” is about to be an anime series and I cannot wait. 

The Ego Trippers – Holy Smokes

Louisville makes such good alternative music. OK, we simply make amazing music in this town but this track is a great alt-pop jam. It feels good, and strikes me as an all-around good summer song.