Trump And The Troglodytes Who Defend Him Are A Threat To Democracy

Trump is the worst president in American history.

If they can prove half of what he is charged with, he is the biggest criminal in the history of American government.

Imagine for a moment that your son or daughter is serving in the military and mission operations were part of the files Trump carted off to Mar-a-Lago. How would you feel about him jeopardizing the lives of your valiant soldier serving far far away?

It is an unforgivable sin he has committed against the people and the nation simply because he is such a colossal buffoon, he does not comprehend in any way, shape or form what the Presidential Records Act was passed for. He is an ignoramus that is almost impossible to describe.

Trump quite literally did not know the function of NATO. He did not know what its purpose was or worse still, how it is financed. Somehow Republicans have almost universally forgotten that it is not good for the nation to have someone far worse than Benedict Arnold as president.

Both Trump and the troglodytes who elected him are the greatest threat to democracy the world has ever faced.

They embrace Trump’s treason. They lie about his collusion with Vladimir Putin.

They lie about Trump’s record.

The simple fact of the matter is that Trump along with others in their disgusting party has taught them that there is no lie that they will not welcome with open arms so long as it is soiled with some imaginary dig at Democrats.

The Republicans who dared to question or criticize Trump have either left the party or were run out of it. This includes Steve Schmidt, Nicole Wallace, Joe Scarborough, George Will, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, among many others.

What modern Republicans have demonstrated over and again is that they have absolutely zero regard for the truth or facts. Any rumor, any bloviation of any kind coming from the mysterious Q is considered solid gold truth when it is nothing but puerile bullshit concocted by some anonymous asshole.

This crisis is caused solely by the brazen ignorance and stupidity of the seditious Republican Party which specialize in gaslighting the nation about the January 6th riots being ‘legitimate political discourse’ despite it maiming and killing police officers they claim to support, except their unions!

The full horror of the Republican Party is almost impossible to fathom when we see the most vulgar and disgusting excuses made by their political leaders to excuse their mind-boggling equivocations.

Lindsey Graham valiantly got up on This Week without so much as reading the indictment of Trump to proclaim both Hillary and Bill Clinton to be worse than Trump because something something potato.

Trump is now charged with 70 felony counts, 37 of which are entirely charged after his administration and one undeniable fact that is most inconvenient for Republicans is that 100% of the witnesses against Trump are in point of actual fact, Republicans.

Trump does not care if he further beclowns the reputation of the United States. What he proved was that there are no less than 75 million morons in the United States who think another four years of reckless abandonment for truth and fact is what we need. Trump told over 35,000 documented lies in his criminal presidency and Republicans want to act like he did anything that a corpse could have done if we elected it instead of Trump.

Isaac Asimov presciently wrote, “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”

How many more times must we endure the banal platitude from Republican scum that iterates, ‘Well they might have their book learning but they ain’t got no common sense.’ Or some other nauseating buffoonery that shows what a failure our educational system has become because Republicans have now adopted the sophistry that ‘well wut about what the parents think should be taught?’

The fact that Marsha Blackburn and Tommy Tuberville are Republicans is all one needs to mention to prove their flat imbecility. In all of my interactions with Republicans in my 53 years, I have seen several universal truths among all of them; they are either stupid, broken inside or outright evil and the people they elect tend to be the latter.

What is most sickening is the many Trump acolytes in office who to a man and woman — save Mitt Romney — didn’t even bother to even read the indictment presented by 12 Floridians before they came out claiming Trump was innocent but even that wasn’t the most disgusting part of their abominable lies.

The absolute most disgusting ploy by these entirely amoral bastards was the preposterous claim that the Justice Department didn’t go after Joe Biden for keeping classified documents!

Every single one of these Grendels knows that there is a difference between classified documents, secret documents, Top Secret, Top Secret Compartmentalized Information, and 5 Eyes security which is reserved *only* for the heads of state of Canada, England, France, The United States and Australia.

Trump had every crown jewel of top secret compartmentalized data and 5 Eyes documents he could steal out of the White House and if that were not bad enough, then he lied to both the National Archives and the FBI to conceal the documents he stole which he falsely believes he is entitled to under the Presidential Records Act!
Hell Spiro Agnew was caught taking cash money inside the White House and he wasn’t that stupid!

We’ve never seen a crook as big as Trump in any office in American history and it’s a wonder that we didn’t suffer a worse fate than that traitor selling us out for the imaginary crime of stealing an election he thought he won but lost, badly.

The documents he stole were his recompense and revenge against the 83 million people who voted for Joe Biden and if you still harbor any doubt whatsoever about Trump selling those stolen documents then ask yourself what happened to the documents he was fumbling through on tape with two authors writing Mark Meadows’ book and his secretary?

Trump is the one who signed the law that mishandling classified documents to be a punishable by up to ten years in prison. Where are those documents, hmm?

If there is any such thing as justice in America, Trump will get ten years in prison for that and every single one of his seditious acolytes trying to excuse his crimes against the republic will be voted out the next election post haste.

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