Shitfire Defy Being Pigeonholed With Latest Single And Music Video “Old Time”

A bluesy, Americana-tinged acoustic track is certainly not what one would expect to hear as the closing number for a so-called punk rock EP, yet that’s exactly what you get from Louisville’s Shitfire, and the results are spectacular. “Old Time,” the latest single and video from the band’s recently released Shit Genes EP, serves as a showcase for vocalist Hannah Blakeman’s rich, soulful voice and powerful, deeply personal lyrics. “Definitely new territory for us,” said Shitfire guitarist Cadillac Young, “but so far the response has been really positive.”

The video for “Old Time” was directed and produced by Matt Boyle and Chris Monroe for Boyz House Productions, the same team behind four of Shitfire’s previous videos. If any of the scenery in “Old Time” looks eerily familiar, it’s because it was primarily shot at the same place as their previous music video “In Yr Head,” an unused warehouse owned by Please and Thank You. “We actually filmed a lot of the shots [for both music videos] on the same day,” said Young.

Regarding the vision for the video and how it relates to the lyrics, Young said, “We let them [Boyle and Monroe] have full creative control. They interpreted the lyrics how they did and came up with this imagery. We’d like the listeners to do the same, so no commentary on what Hannah actually meant with the words she wrote.”

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