Tuesday Tracklist: (5/16)

In this weekly feature, a different LEO staff member will share 7-10 of the songs they’ve got on repeat right now, with one caveat: about half of those songs have to be by local artists. (Songs by Louisville artists are marked with an asterisk.) Got a track that you think we’d like? Let us know at [email protected] or at the author’s email below.

Gillian Welch — “Miss Ohio”
Oh me oh my oh my friend met a girl from Ohio, and he called me singing this song. (He “wants to do right but not right now”). It reminded me how great this song is, and it’s been revolving on the regular. 

The Skinny — “In-Laws and Outlaws”*
It has often been said that you don’t just marry the person; you “marry” the family. It’s sometimes fairly comical. In this case, “their in-law was an outlaw.”

Wood Brothers  — “Happiness Jones”
The first time my boyfriend and I took the camper van for a spin, it was also one of the first warm days of the season. We parked, opened all the doors and let the breeze hit us while we chilled on the mattress and watched the sunset. This song came on, and suddenly I felt like everything was in its place.  

Mama Said String Band — “Kentucky Heartbreak”*
The strings, the harmonies. Every song is mesmerizing. I particularly enjoy this song about heartbreak. It’s light and melodic, yet it reminds us life will go on, even after someone breaks your heart. 

Vance Joy — “Riptide”
I still laugh every time I hear this song. It reminds me of a super fun summer day driving around Louisville during the “shutdown” with a friend. We turned up the speakers and belted out the lyrics, playing the track on repeat. 

Jack Harlow — “They Don’t Love It”*
The song is great, and I love this entire new album. My son missed the bus because he was listening to it the morning it dropped, and the raw sincerity reminds me so much of Eminem. However, this post is about the video. Watch Jack return home in time for Derby festivities and visit personal places from his past, in addition to dropping into Leatherhead, Carmichaels and other local establishments.

Fireflies  — “Owl City”
Speaking of summer songs, this one conjures “lightning bug season,” falling asleep in the hammock and watching hundreds of firelights emerge from the surrounding trees. It is always a magical — and quite a surreal — experience.