The Oracle: What’s In Store?

LEO is dedicated to bringing you engaging, fun, and unique content that crosses many spectrums. From our sister paper in Tampa, Creative Loafing, we’re happy to share the Oracle of Ybor, written by Caroline DeBruhl. Here you may submit your questions about life, and the tarot will help to guide your answers. 

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Dear Oracle, 

My business is doing very well and has grown significantly over the past year. My
small staff is great, but it may be time to hire an additional hand. What should I know
about this decision? – Hesitant in Hiring

Cards: Nine of Cups, The Lovers, Page of Cups, Four of Pentacles. 

Dear HIH,

Congratulations on your success! It’s a brutal world out there for small businesses, and
I’m glad to hear you’re doing well.

I want to start with the caution that you should take your time with this decision. The
Nine of Cups can be a card of only getting what you want superficially. You need
someone, but you know you can’t just hire the first non-sociopath that applies. (Well, you
can, but that’s a low bar.) You need to find the right person.

Personality might play a bigger role in this decision than just qualifications alone.
With The Lovers, you really want someone who will work well with the rest of the small
staff and who is not just harmonious but can amplify the good and mute the bad. You’re
looking for a missing sound in a song. It’s not that the notes aren’t already there, but it
just needs a little something more.

As the owner and hirer, you’re going to have to be the one to nail down this je ne sais
quoi. So don’t just look for superficial qualities like “chatty” or “seems nice.” Think
about what you need.

With the Page of Cups, I would recommend someone with a “visionary” vibe, someone
whose creative or who is really intuit what others may want (in a marketing/business
way.) But, again, you’re going to have to dig a little deeper and figure out what’s needed
to amplify your already fantastic team.

But with all these hopes, I want to warn about the illusion of security. Fours in Tarot
always set up the problematic fives, and pentacles are the earthly coins of business. It’s a
trap to think that this one new thing will be just what your business needs: all you need is
just one more employee! Just one more store! Just one more new item to sell!

The Four of Pentacles warns about slipping into complacency. Even if things with this
new employee are going really well, keep your eyes peeled for whatever else can be
improved. Maybe another part of the store can get fixed, or you could add more health

benefits to the employees’ package or whatever. As long as you view this new addition as
the next step instead of the end-all-be-all, I think you’ll do just fine.
Best of luck with your business!

Dear Oracle, 
After years of considering it, I’m going into business for myself. It’s nerve-wracking. It
involves a lot of money upfront, and while I believe I can make money at this, I know
the first year will be touch and go. Do the cards have any insight as to what I should do
with my new business?

–Brand new Boss Babe

Cards: The Fool (rev.), Four of Wands, Queen of Pentacles (rev.), King of Swords.

Dear BNBB,
I should preface this by saying that I have an MFA in stories, and my only undergrad
economics class was in Game Theory. I am, in no way, an expert in business, nor do I
have a deep understanding of practical economic theory. But as the daughter of a former
merchant and wife of a current one, I do know that the whole “you have to spend money
to make money” is true—at least when it comes to hawking goods– so while that’s
terrifying, you’re certainly not doing anything out of the ordinary.

With The Fool reversed, I can tell you’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time.
It’s a new start, and it’s a pretty fortuitous one. You are, right now, on the path you’ve
wanted to be on. So take a moment and congratulate yourself on your bravery.
The Four of Wands signals some stability and can be a great community card. This can
mean that you’re either adding a new but necessary business to the community or joining
a supportive community. (Hopefully, it’s both!)

You say that you believe you will turn a profit in this business, and the cards do support
that—in the future. The Queen of Pentacles can certainly be seen as the #bossbae of the
deck, and while I believe you’ll be the queen of your own domain, it will probably take
more than six months to feel that security.

Which leads us to the King of Swords. He might not be the major arcana in the spread,
but his message is the most crucial: you need to know what you’re doing if you’re going
to succeed. You need to learn as much as possible about your business and running a
business in general.
And by “learn,” I don’t mean listen to some Brosef’s podcast or take a “seminar series”
about house flipping or any of that grifter shit. I mean, try a business class at a
community college or a developmental workshop run by the country or your local
chamber of commerce. Maybe you could use some help with digital marketing or small
business accounting or figuring out what actually qualifies as a write-off.

Maybe networking would be really beneficial to you. Whatever it is, you need to learn, learn it.
Your knowledge is your sword; it’s going to be what protects you and what helps you get
what you want.

It might also help you feel secure. Knowing the ins and outs can help you develop a plan
B (or C or D) if things go awry.

But remember, you’re still on that glorious new path of the Fool. There are bound to be
some growing pains, but that doesn’t mean you’re making a mistake.
Best of luck with the new business, my dear.