Smart Tech Vertical Farm To Establish Roots In Shepherdsville

Square Roots, an indoor smart tech farming company, will open its fourth location in Shepherdsville on June 6.

This innovative way of growing produce through vertical gardening inside a climate-controlled environment produced vegetables that last for weeks, not days, according to a recent press release.

With sustainability at its core, the mission of indoor farming company Square Roots is to bring fresh, delicious, and locally grown food to consumers in a responsible way that eliminates a lengthy supply chain — offering an increased amount of fresh produce to local communities. The company operates three additional locations in Springfield, Ohio; Kenosha, Wisconsin; and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The addition of climate-controlled technology allows for the production of fresh food year round, regardless of the weather, due to its ability to recreate growing conditions with indoor hydroponic growing systems. Vertical gardening enables greater conservation of space to grow the produce, leading to a more eco-friendly footprint. Plus, the process uses 90% less water than a traditional farm typically consumes.

Square Roots has a direct partnership with local restaurant distributor Gordon Food Service. In addition, it offers a “Transparency Timeline” that allows customers to trace the journey of their produce from seed to shelf.