The Red Cross Wants You To Donate Blood And Get A Snoopy Shirt

The American Red Cross is seeking blood donations. Every two seconds in the United States, someone needs blood. In light of traumatic injuries and other life-threatening conditions, blood donation and supply is often falling short of the demand. To motivate donors, the organization has announced a collaboration with the popular Peanuts cartoon featuring its well-known character, Snoopy.

TikTok users are promoting the event and rushing to donate blood to the American Red Cross for the opportunity to get a Peanuts cartoon t-shirt featuring the lovable dog with the phrase “Be cool. Give blood.” The collaboration started Saturday, April 1, and chances to donate blood and grab the exclusive Snoopy memorabilia will run through Sunday, April 23. 

After announcing the partnership, the Red Cross said they have had an increased traffic for blood donation since releasing the shirt. 

The Red Cross hashtag currently has nearly 600 million views due to the promotion and the most liked video surrounding the promotion has 230,000 likes and over 1 million views. Gen. Z users like @iiilovekat made videos about almost fainting while donating blood, but made sure to let others interested know it was worth it for the t-shirt. 

In the past Red Cross has done other collaborations with pop culture franchises like “Game of Thrones” and “Wonder Woman 1984” in hopes to boost donations numbers. 

To donate blood in Louisville and get your own Joe Cool Snoopy shirt visit the Red Cross’ website to make an appointment via the website.

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The Red Cross Wants You To Donate Blood And Get A Snoopy Shirt

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