Kelly Craft’s New Ad For Governor Is Almost Too Bonkers To Believe [VIDEO]

Kelly Craft’s campaign for governor of Kentucky has made some ridiculous plays. In her bid to get attention and become the 64th governor of the state, the former ambassador to Canada seems determined to have the most embarrassing and meme-worthy campaign that she can. From the very awkward Jack Harlow tweets….

…. to the empty chair and “unauthorized” pro-Craft PAC’s “teddy bear” attacks on fellow Republican gubernatorial candidates, it’s been one misstep after another. 

Craft’s latest political ad takes a shot at being “Woke,” and it is clear that Craft doesn’t have a clue what being woke is, nor what CRT — the acronym used in the ad in place of actually saying Critical Race Theory — is.

The idea of the ad is that being “woke” and that “CRT” are harmful to kids, and that the Department of Education needs to be dismantled. But Craft’s marketing team hiring kids to portray a farcical scenario where they are made to share their pronouns before answering is just flat-out dumb. And let’s not even get started on the blinding whiteness of the “woke bureaucrats” teaching the dreaded “CRT” to a completely white classroom and one of the actors who resembles Craft reading a book about CRT to kids. LOL, Kelly…we see you. 

While the commercial is hilarious in its delicious stupidity, one has to question how Craft’s approval of this nonsense plays into her wider decision-making. Especially as we look at the mess her campaign has been so far. Not a good look, Craft, and definitely not looking good for the governor’s seat.

Dismantle the Department of Education and start fresh?

Hunty, with your decision-making in this campaign, we don’t trust you to make a lettuce and tomato salad from scratch — much less trust you with the education of our children.

Screengrab from Kelly Craft “Woke Bureaucrats” ad.