How To Avoid Scams And Help Victims Of Monday’s Mass Shooting In Louisville

On Monday, April 10, Louisville experienced its first mass shooting since Standard Gravure printing plant in 1989, and where nine people died and a dozen were injured.

Monday’s shooting at Preston Pointe in downtown Louisville, left six people, including the shooter, dead, with eight other victims being injured, including two Louisville Metro Police Department officers. 

With this tragedy, Louisville citizens are looking for ways to donate to those affected by the shooting. Currently,  GoFundMe is hosting a help page with links to verified fundraisers connected to the Louisville mass shooting. The page is run by the website’s Trust & Safety team in order to verify fundraisers and protect donators from sending money to scams. 

Only two fundraisers are currently verified by the team for the Barrick Family Fund and a Louisville Shooting Victims’ Fund. As more fundraising pages are verified the GoFundMe team will update the page. 

In lieu of financial gifts, Mayor Greenberg and medical professionals are also asking for blood donations.


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How To Avoid Scams And Help Victims Of Monday’s Mass Shooting In Louisville

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