New Outdoor Performance Venue Coming To Tyler Park

The Olmsted Parks Conservancy announced yesterday that Tyler Park will get its own stage, thanks to a legacy gift from Frances N. Alden, a longtime parks supporter and nature lover.

The outdoor stage will be located at the intersection of Tyler Park Drive and Castlewood Ave. The Olmsted Parks Conservancy plans to break ground on it this summer and is currently accepting bids from landscape architects, electrical engineers, and other contractors.

In a statement, former Tyler Park Neighborhood Association president Shawn Reilly said, “This new improvement will establish Tyler Park as a hub for performing arts in the Highlands. We’re excited the stage will be the home base for the Tyler Park Jazz Series, and will provide more opportunities for festivals, concerts, and other community building events. For over a century, music has been present in Tyler Park and we look forward to securing that tradition for a hundred more years.” 

Tyler Park was the original location of Forecastle Festival before it moved to Waterfront Park. JK McKnight, who founded Forecastle, was involved with the planning process for the stage.

“The Highlands has always been a creative nerve center of our city, a place that has inspired countless artists and entrepreneurs like me to dream and do,” said McKnight said in a statement. 

“Like trees planted decades ago, it’s important that we invest time and energy to replenish our neighborhoods with the assets that make them desirable places to live, work and play,” he added. “Without Tyler Park, Forecastle Festival never would have happened. Today we turn the tide, open a new chapter, and reverse the trajectory. I’m excited for what that is going to mean for our artists, neighbors and community.”