Soapbox: Where We Know What You’re Thinking Because You Tell Us

We like it when you talk to us, even if you’re upset. This space is for you. Sometimes, we talk back.

“My Best Friend Is Gay” (continued from last week’s “Sir, A Little Transphobic…”)

As my best friend of 25 years, who is in the LGBTQ category could tell you, I am not in the least “TRANS PHOBIC”. I am just resoundingly “ERICA RUCKER PHOBIC”. —Ronnie Roberts

I’m down with that. We don’t have to be friends.

KY House Rep. Savannah

Turns out our Kentucky House of Representatives has a member who thinks that gasoline is a valid firefighting tool. Rep. Maddox is right, of course. Gasoline will extinguish a fire by consuming everything it touches until nothing but dry ash remains. Fire out, job done. Her application of this theory to guns in schools, that more guns will fix the problem of too many guns in schools ought to earn her a reward. It’s high time that the national conference of funeral directors presents an award to the legislator who delivers the most new business to them that year. I can see the award ceremony now, serenaded by a recording of the immortal hit by Alice Cooper, “Dead Babies”. —Chris Reifsteck, 40208