Louisville’s Bean Club Returns To The Big Four Bridge Tonight 

Bean Club is back.

Tonight, the legume-themed meetup, which began as a post on the Louisville subreddit and subsequently spun off into numerous memes, will hold its February gathering on the Big Four Bridge at 7 p.m. Attendees are asked to bring a can (or several) of beans, which will be donated to a local hunger charity after the event.

Last month, we interviewed Bean Club’s founder, a man who asked to be identified only as “Adam,” who said that he started the event in part to pass the time at work. Still, he added, a lighthearted event like Bean Club could also bring people together by providing “gastro-diplomacy”: “Every culture uses beans in a dish.”

Although only one other person showed up to the original meetup in late December, the meetup on Thursday, Jan. 5, brought dozens of guests. Adam said he plans to continue to hold Bean Club meetups on the first Thursday of every month.

Incidentally, the nationally syndicated radio show “The Bob & Tom Show” shared our Bean Club story last month. Check out the hosts’ thoughts below: