Here’s A List Of Louisville-Specific Pickup Lines To Try This Valentine’s Day

Just for fun (and because it’s that time of year), the LEO staff put together a list of pickup lines about our fair city.

Did we forget any? Let us know at [email protected] or on our social media, and we’ll update this later with our favorites from readers.


  1. Are you a Derby horse? ’Cause I want to ride you in front of thousands of people.
  2. Are you the front window of Mag Bar? ’Cause I’d hit that.
  3. Are you traffic in front of Cardinal Stadium? ‘Cause I’d pay lots of money to get stuck in you for hours.
  4. Are you Spaghetti Junction? ‘Cause your curves are driving me crazy.
  5. Are you the Ohio River? ‘Cause I’m trying to get dirty.
  6. Are you Muhammad Ali? ‘Cause you knock me out.
  7. Are you Volare? ‘Cause I’ve been trying to get into you for months.
  8. Are you the smell in Butchertown? ‘Cause you take my breath away.
  9. Are you a pothole? ‘Cause I want to fill you up.
  10. Do you work for UPS? ‘Cause I want you to handle my package.
  11. Is that the downtown Slugger in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
  12. Are you a fine glass of bourbon? ‘Cause I bet you go down smooth.
  13. Are you a Jack Harlow song? ‘Cause you’re “First Class.”
  14. Are you Gov. Beshear? ‘Cause my mom would love you.
  15. Are you parking on Bardstown Road? ‘Cause you’re way too hard to find.
  16. Are you Greg Fischer’s city documents? ‘Cause I don’t want to share you with anybody.
  17. Is your daddy Mitch McConnell? ‘Cause your shell is hard to crack.
  18. Are you a LEO issue? ‘Cause I’m trying to pick you up.

From readers:

“Are you a Louisville meteorologist during a snow forecast? ‘Cause I’ve got 3” you can overhype.” — Mike Moll/@mikermoll (Twitter)

“Are you a turn signal? Because I won’t use you, baby.” — u/noobvin (Reddit)

“Are you Top Golf? Cuz you light up my whole world.” — u/PepsiMoondog (Reddit)

“Are you the Can Opener? Cause I wanna be jammed inside you.” — Jesse B./@JesseUno (Twitter)