LEO’s Thorns and Roses for the Best And Worst of Local News — Week of Feb. 1, 2023

Thorn: Kelly Craft’s Empty Empty Chair Ad

In a recent ad, Republican gubernatorial candidate (and wife of a coal magnate) Kelly Craft talked about how families across the Commonwealth had an empty place at their dinner table because “fentanyl and other dangerous drugs have stolen our loved ones away.” She said that as a mother, she had experienced that empty chair at her table. With the somber tone, the emotional piano music and the shots of empty chairs, a rational person could infer she was talking about having a child who died due to addiction or overdose. But when pressed on the issue, Craft said the ad was nothing of the sort — that it was about a living family member, not somebody who has passed away.

Absurd: Craft’s Manufactured Kentucky Border Crisis

If Kelly Craft’s “empty chair” ad hadn’t been so dishonest, her unhinged ad about the “border crisis in Kentucky” probably would have have made more of a splash. “We may not be able to build a wall like this around Kentucky,” she says in the ad while standing in front of a portion of Trump’s failed border wall. “But my top priorities as governor will secure our state’s borders, back up our police. And if you’re a drug dealer — I’m coming for you.” In a Craft administration, are we going to install a border checkpoint on the Second Street Bridge?

Rosebud: Greenberg Administration’s
Investments To Combat Homelessness

Mayor Craig Greenberg recently announced that Louisville will invest tens of millions of dollars to address homelessness and affordable housing. The move, which Greenberg said “should change the face” of Louisville, includes the city’s purchase of a number of properties in Smoketown, including the Vu Hotel and C2 Event Venue. Those properties will be used for a “community care campus” for people experiencing homelessness. After the announcement, however, WDRB reported that the city agreed to buy the Vu Hotel, C2 Event Venue and other buildings from a top Greenberg donor who had previously tried to sell the properties to the city under the Fischer administration, which balked at the idea. Greenberg told WDRB the city’s purchase of the property had “nothing to do” with the donor’s support.

Thorn: L&N Federal Credit Union Stadium 

Nobody’s going to call it that. 

Rose: Yo-Yo Ma’s Trip To Kentucky

Playing a show inside Mammoth Cave is just cool.