Kentucky Herpetological Society’s Feed-Your-Ex-To-A-Reptile Valentine’s Day Fundraiser Returns For 2023

It’s that time of year again!

The Kentucky Herpetological Society is bringing back its feed-your-ex-to-a-reptile fundraiser this Valentine’s Day season. 

For a donation of $5 for an insect, $5 for a vegetable, or $7 for a frozen or thawed rodent, the organization will feed your choice of the above “feeders” to one of their critters. After Valentine’s Day, they’ll release a video with footage of all of the “victims” getting eaten, with their names attached.

To participate, send the appropriate donation amount to @KYHerpSociety on PayPal between now and the end of the day on Tuesday, Feb. 14. In the memo line, include the name of the person (or organization, etc.) you want to name your feeder after. (The Instagram post doesn’t say if you can also specify what kind of animal you’d like the feeder given to, but there’s no harm in asking.)

All proceeds will go to the Herpetological Society’s work. Last year’s fundraiser brought in $234 dollars and involved more than 30 “victims,” including multiple guys named Matthew. (Or possibly the same guy, but we really hope not.) You can watch that video below.


Also, fun fact/slight brag: last year, our story made its way to “The Drew Barrymore Show.” (Drew herself owns a bearded dragon named Jeremy.)