Kentucky Gubernatorial Candidate Kelly Craft Is Getting A Righteous Roast After Awkward Jack Harlow Encounter And We Kind Of Love It

Former Trump-era U.N. Ambassador and Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Kelly Craft was caught slipping when she tweeted these shots of her almost bumping into and talking at a very uncomfortable-looking Jack Harlow. Yes, talking “at,” because this doesn’t look like a conversation at all.

Do these shots seem extremely sketchy? Of course they do. The shots, the person hiding in the curtains taking photos, Harlow’s very stiff body language. Louisville Homie Harlow isn’t feeling the vibe that Kelly is putting out. In fact, it appears Craft had not one but two cellphone photographers taking these awful shots — two angles, one from the curtains and one where we can see the man behind the curtain. Oops.

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly…the idea that you wanted it to seem like you were kicking it with an old chum is laughable but fake it til you make it, we guess.

Harlow is clearly looking for the exits. We hope he saw the one to his right.

The whole encounter (and tweet) is strange, awkward, and hella hilarious. Republicans are really, really good at turning an awkward situation up to ten.

Anyone remember this?

Or this

Anyhow, fellow journalist Olivia Krauth read our minds, and we’re here for it.

So did a few others and we love all the shade. The read is delicious.

Just to be clear, we don’t know everything about Harlow’s politics, but we’re guessing that it doesn’t line up with Craft’s.