Local Love-Themed Driving Game Returns; Creators Debut ‘Locked In Love’ Escape Room

Romance Run, a local Valentine’s-Day-themed driving adventure app for couples, will return this year from Monday, Feb. 6, through Sunday, Feb. 26.

The game, which takes about 90 minutes, entails driving around Louisville to solve clues and help Cupid set up couples, with photo ops and spots for mini-dates along the way. It’s $30 per couple at this link.

The creators of Romance Run also operate two other seasonally-themed car games, Danger Run and Rudolph’s Run, around Halloween and Christmas, respectively.

This year, they’ll be debuting “Locked In Love,” an indoor escape room at Pope Lick Park, which will operate from Friday, Feb. 10, through Sunday, Feb. 26.

The plot involves “proving that new life can be created by injecting the recently deceased with a secret formula you’ve concocted,” according to a press release. 

“Your goal is to use this new science to heal the sick and forward medical science for all mankind,” the release says.  “Unfortunately, an evil scientist, Dr. Conrad Vorkov, got his hands on your solution and may use it to bring a hideous monster to life with the goal of bringing chaos and terror to the world.  You have 30 minutes to break into Dr. Vorkov’s lab, determine the tissue he needs for re-animation and steal it before he unleashes chaos into the world.”

Afterwards, participants will get charcuterie and mocktails. 

Tickets are $75 per couple at this link.