A Little Light Housekeeping: Meet LEO’s New Editor-In-Chief

Y’all, it’s wild times at LEO. Moving into the editor-in-chief’s chair means things start shifting like tectonic plates. This week, we moved Pangea to bring you an issue that we think is fun, super readable, and a little bit different. I’ve told you that LEO is a biweekly print magazine and a daily digital. What does that mean? 

When you pick up LEO on the stand, you pick up something to read over your favorite hot mug. Spend time with the print issue. The stories will be somewhat evergreen so that you can come back anytime within those two weeks and find value. We will still have Staff Picks, which can give you a taste of things we think you should do around the city. It’s the perfect “try something different” section of LEO. 

New To LEO this week are “‘Round the Fire” and “Ask the Mayor.” 

First, “‘Round the Fire” is a homegrown, Kentucky-bred dive into the issues of self. You’ll read about familiar places, issues, and how the human spirit can overcome, tune in and commune with others through times of struggle. Written by former licensed clinical social worker (LCSW)/therapist Christina Estrada, we will journey with her through tales of the family (we all have those), finding peace through trauma, and learning to step into the light after darkness. I think we all could use a bit of that as we learn to live with COVID as endemic instead of a pandemic. Estrada will soothe us, challenge us and maybe make us mad but we need her right now. 

Our other new feature, “Ask the Mayor,” is giving Louisville its first dedicated cannabis column. Written by Mayor Wando, a delightful oceanic fellow who will answer all of our questions about the ‘Green’: flowers, seeds, and stems, it’s a space for you to ask what you want to know about cannabis and to find information about the types of cannabis available in the legal states nearby. Remember, we ain’t telling you to use it, we’re just making sure you know what it’s all about. So, when you want to know something about cannabis, Ask the Mayor. 

And, keep up with our news writer, Josh Wood, who has been following the developing story of Gov. Andy Beshear’s medical cannabis executive order.  

We also are bringing “Soapbox” but that’s just another name for “Letters to the Editor,” “Erosia,” and all other things we’ve called it over the years. You can send us your love letters, hate mail (another term for “I still read your paper”), questions, and tips. We might reprint them, and we even might have a comment or two about them. 

OK… so we’ve gotten through what’s new (this week) in the book. Let me tell you more about digital LEO. Every day, LEO updates our website with local trending stories, news, events that you want to look out for, concerts, photos, and real estate. So, when looking at LEO for what’s going on daily, the place to find that is online. Get thee to LEOWeekly.com! 

And now, since you now have a better idea of how we work, also keep your eyes out for a new film column that will break down the films and film festivals that you should be seeing and some other content partnerships that will bring you the best of local arts and entertainment. 

LEO has been loved and supported by Louisville for so long. Your eyes, your talkbacks, partnerships, and print and digital advertising have carried us through. Damn it, we still need you — so stay involved, buy an ad, send us flowers (I just want some) and talk to us when we make you laugh, or cry, or piss you off. LEO is very uniquely Louisville and we want to keep it that way but we don’t do this alone. 

Last thing: LEO has volumes and volumes of old issues, so don’t be shocked if you see a few flashbacks coming your way. Most aren’t digitized (yet), so you might be getting the best-of-cell-phone captures of some old but memorable LEO content. 

502 4 Life.

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