Malice Manor Is Bringing A Little ‘Christmas Chaos’ With A Few Holiday Spirits

Malice Manor is ready to get you naughty folks feeling nice — or scared. The website says, “Lord Rancor is a little tied up with the holidays. The island of misfit toys is using the manor to plot their revenge on Christmas.” Not sure what that revenge is but, for sure, you’d better watch out and probably, you’d better not shout.

The Malice Manor, Christmas Chaos event kicks off this Friday, Dec. 9 and is sure to make you a holiday spirit. Err… get you in the holiday spirit.

Tickets for Christmas Chaos are $25 for General Admission, $40 Fast Pass, and $60 for Front of the Line. The event lasts from 7-10 p.m. each night. Best behave or there will be coal in your Christmas stockings.

For more information check out the Malice Manor Website HERE.

Tickets are for sale at