Jim Beam Wants To Give You A Hug

Jim Beam wants to give you a hug and no, not that bar-hugging, late night dialing an ex-lover kind of hug. Sure, they want to give you that too but this year Jim Beams wants to give you a good squeeze in their “hug-simulating” pajamas. If you aren’t a hugging type person, you can send them to someone you love…but don’t be creepy and send them to that ex-lover.

The Kentucky Hug Pajamas take their inspiration from the “Kentucky Hug which the Urban dictionary calls, “that warm feeling you get when drinking Bourbon.” It has a second definition that is also quite apropos for Kentucky. I’ll let you find that one on your own. 

The PJs are unisex with a red flannel, holiday-inspired design and and come in sizes small to a 2XL. The “hug simulation” is designed to apply weighted pressure on specific stress points along the neck, shoulders and back using a removable insert. It’s supposed to simulate the feeling of a real life hug. Aww, Jim Beam, we need it this year. 

You can purchase your Kentucky Hug Pajamas HERE. They are $24.99, while supplies last. 

visit JimBeamKentuckyHug.com for more info.