BlackRainbow Records, A Local “Queer-Forward” and “BIPOC-Affirmative” Rock, Punk and Metal Record Label To Launch In January

A local couple will launch a new record label in January to help promote BIPOC and LGBTQ musicians.

Philip Odango and his partner David Johnson are the founders and co-managers of BlackRainbow Records. A press release says that BlackRainbow will offer clients “music production services, video production, licensing and distribution assistance, marketing, and merchandise sales support while celebrating diversity.”

“Our vision is to elevate, amplify, innovate, and energize our artists to new creative and expressive heights and reach broader audiences,” the press release said.

Speaking to LEO, Odango emphasized that some musical communities (including punk and metal) have traditionally prioritized straight white artists. Founding this record label, Odango said, is a way for the two to use their experience in the entertainment world to give opportunities and resources to musicians from underrepresented communities, to “become eyes and ears for talents that aspire.”

 “Passion, talent and drive are not limited to sexual orientation or the color of a person’s skin,” Odango said.

The label will celebrate their launch at Vernon Lanes on  Saturday, Jan. 7, from 12-3 p.m. It’s free to attend, but guests have to register at this Eventbrite link. At the event, there’ll be a world premiere of The Dead Speak’s music video, “Trigger Warning,” plus live performances from The Ones Among Us and Theory Of Motivation, two other acts on the BlackRainbow label.