Louisville’s Little Red Bull, “Seth,” Has Been Captured But His Spirit Still Inspires Us

You might have heard that the last bull from the Great Cherokee Cow Escape of 2022 has been captured and sent to Tribe Animal Sanctuary. You may have even seen Tara Bassett’s dramatic videos. The sanctuary named the little red bull “Seth,” after one of the wranglers, while others have called him “Louie,” but we at LEO would just like to say to the bull: “Whatever your name, little red dude, we were hoping you’d have longer to fly free, because you inspire us.”

LEO has long been the paper of the renegades and rebels. From our perspective, every day that this bull was free was one more day that the wild-at-heart won. 

We applaud you, Seth! We may have even predicted your adventures.

As we were sitting around the office last week, talking about how “Seth” was still running loose, we came across a print of an old LEO cover that was so perfect for the moment that Seth was having, we thought we’d share it with you and ask what you think: should he still be out on the lam, or is Tribe the best place for him? 

We love an underdog story, but we also respect public safety. I think we’ll let Seth settle in and follow up on him in a few months. We want to know he’s being taken care of. 

Viva little red bull! Thanks for keeping this town on our toes and full of fun with your adventures.