Cows Spotted In Cherokee Park

Cows were in Cherokee Park.

According to an LMPD press release, the cows were being moved from one cattle truck to another after a non-injury collision at around 9 a.m. when 10 cows broke free and ran for the hills (so to speak). Many of the cows walked around the Cherokee golf course area. 

Videos and Tweets from excited passersby came quickly. It’s not every day that such “big dogs” are running through the park and streets in the middle of morning rush hour in the city. 

While it’s pretty fun to see the cows outside of their usual context, Metro Councilmember Cassie Chambers Armstrong urged people to avoid the cows and try to avoid making any moves that causes the cows to become spooked (ha, good one Cassie, it’s Halloween!) and to disperse causing them to be tougher to catch. 

Hey Bessie and Ferdinand Cow and friends, Leo wants you to feel welcome and to enjoy your moments in the spotlight but Councilmember Armstrong is probably correct, the humans should try to refrain from freaking you out so that you can be on your way to (hopefully) a nice pasture somewhere. 

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