Louisville Author J.L. Kiefer To Open Butcher Cabin Books

A new bookstore geared toward the horror genre is opening at the nexus of the Highlands and Germantown. Butcher Cabin Books is set to open at 990 Barrett Avenue sometime in October. The bookstore, owned by horror writer and Louisville native J.L. Kiefer, will offer something unique in the Louisville independent book scene. 

“Focusing on horror, as I’m a horror author and avid reader and love all things spooky and Halloween, when I go to bookstores, there’s typically not a horror section or it’s extremely tiny,“ says Kiefer. “And, there’s never space for independent publishers. My business partner owned this building, so we thought – why not try it? The horror genre is growing and Louisville seems to have a big alternative scene.”

Louisville is just the kind of place to foster a burgeoning underground writing scene and horror in an old, reportedly haunted city and state? Sounds about write….err right. 

Last year, local author David Domine released his “A Dark Room in Glitter Ball City.” The story recounts the murder of James Carroll, who was shot, stabbed and stuffed into a storage container that was then buried in the wine cellar of the Richard Robinson house in Old Louisville. The owner of the house Jeffrey Mundt and his partner, Joseph Banis each blame the other for what seemed to be a love triangle turned sour. If you want more of that, I’m guessing Butcher Cabin is probably going to be one of the places to locate books that tell true crime, supernatural or gorey stories. 

This weekend, Kiefer broke the news that she and her mother were working on the bookstore and shared photos of its exterior. The tweet, so far, has garnered over 140,000 likes and 6500 shares. 

Not a bad way to get the word moving through the grapevine.

Kiefer’s first novel, “That’s Wretched Valley” was pitched for publication in 2024. So while we wait to read Kiefer’s book, we can make plans to visit the bookstore. I’m sure that opening in October means special events, readings and other spooky things to set the tone. 

If you’re into the horror genre, Kiefer shared some names that are doing really good things both in books and as presses or other horror-inspired businesses. You certainly might hear more from some of these in the next couple of months. 

“Some other Kentucky authors/book people are Laurel Hightower (Lexington), Brad Proctor (book review), Todd Kiesling (from Ky), “ said Kiefer. “Some indie presses that are doing cool things are Ghoulish Books/Perpetual Motion Machine, Clash Books, Tenebrous Press — these presses aren’t typically found in physical stores! 

“The horror/alternative scene is growing with places like Unorthodox, HallowScents (in Bardstown, Ky), and Fright Bites – a horror-themed bakery/event food business”

Kentucky has much to be creeped out by and I’m definitely not just talking about the state House and the Senate. Kentucky is the nation’s 15th state and certainly the home of many peoples before being settled by Europeans. The ghosts here are old and many stories need a place to call home. It is exciting that Kiefer decided to take up the mantle of giving scary stories a new home. 

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