New York Times Bestseller E. Lockhart To Talk ‘Family of Liars’ In Louisville

E. Lockhart is coming to Louisville. Meet the author on June 10 at her Carmichael’s Kids appearance at the Louisville Free Public Library. The Author of “We Were Liars” will revisit the tale of her Sinclair family and discuss the new book, “Family of Liars,” a continuation of their story in another generation. Registration is suggested for the event.

“Family of Liars” centers around the Liars’ mothers as they spend one notable summer on the island as teenagers, and we see what it really means to be a Sinclair. They do not falter, they do not doubt, they do not grieve — even when they lose one of their own. When tragedy upends what was meant to be a summer of fun, laughter and first love, the bonds of family are tested. Who will crack under the pressure, and who will forever uphold the family’s rules, keeping secrets no matter the damage? 

“Reader response to ‘We Were Liars’ has been incredible and moving,” says Lockhart.  “With ‘Family Of Liars,” I wanted to create an emotional catharsis and leave my audience shaken — but I knew I needed to do it in a very different way than I had in the first book. I hope I’ve delivered an experience that will be surprising and new, while still returning people to the beauty and horror of Beechwood Island.” 

LEO caught up with Lockhart for a brief Q&A. See what she has to say before this week’s event. 

LEO: Talk a bit about the new book and how this will hopefully change the readers in some way or as you said in the release provide a “catharsis.”
Lockhart: ‘Family of Liars’ is a psychological thriller about a young woman whose family spends every summer on a windswept private island off the coast of Massachusetts. She and her sisters find their lives upended when a literal boatload of cute boys arrives to stay the summer. I hope to take readers on an emotional journey that’s full of surprises!

This book is listed between teen fiction and adult. What is the fine line and how did this happen? Did you discover adults were responding to a teen book or the other way around?
The YA  genre centers around coming of age, emerging sexuality and independence from the family of origin,  usually written in an immediate style that centers and respects young people’s experience.  It’s actually quite common for adults to read this genre — the stories are fast-moving and focused on a time of life where critical moral questions are being explored. 

What made you want to become a writer?
All my life I have loved stories and wanted to tell them.

What was the name of the earliest story you wrote and what was it about?
My first YA novel was called ‘The Boyfriend List,’ published in 2005 — and it’s the story of a hyper-verbal, rabidly heterosexual girl who gets into all kinds of trouble when her boyfriend dumps her for her best friend and her panic attacks get out of control. 

Have you been to Louisville before?
I haven’t! I am excited for hot brown and mint juleps and talking with Brooke Lauren Davis about her book, ‘The Hollow Inside.’

What drew you to writing a family drama/thriller?
‘Family of Liars’ is a follow-up to my bestselling novel ‘We Were Liars.’ It’s a prequel, set 27 years earlier. It reveals all kinds of Sinclair family secrets. I relished the chance to dive back into the world of Beechwood Island and to investigate the family more deeply — they’re extremely difficult, complicated and magnetic people, and I think their rarified existence gave me a chance to investigate universal family dynamics in a heightened way. 

See Lockhart in conversation with Brook Lauren Davis
Friday, June 10 at 6 p.m.”
Carmichael’s Kids at Louisville Free Public Library
301 York Street, Louisville, KY 40203
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