Thorns & Roses: Donald Trump was Late to his own $75k a Head Derby Fundraiser, Says Guest

Absurd: A $75k Selfie

Donald Trump doesn’t even care about the people that pay thousands to see him. The former president showed up late to his own $75,000 a head fundraiser at the Kentucky Derby, according to disgraced attorney Eric Deters, who was interviewed by the Lexington Herald-Leader. At least he got a photo.

Thorn: Red-diculous

Since we’re already unwillingly aboard the Trump coverage train, the Independent, a British news outlet, reported that the Orange One’s appearance at Churchill Downs delighted “fans in the red state.” First, this is Louisville, which we all know is a blue island in Kentucky. Second, photos and videos from the scene show there was plenty of booing and bird flipping alongside the cheers.

Rose: Scary Good Reporting From The CJ

Guardian of the archives, keeper of the courts, Courier Journal reporter Andrew Wolfson recently delivered a truly harrowing article about injuries and deaths sustained by women when abortions were illegal in the Commonwealth. The accounts of infections, unfit practitioners and one case that ended in a beheading are grim but necessary reading. Seemingly nothing, though, will convince hardliners that Roe v Wade should be saved. One online commenter said, “It was 50 years ago. There have been a few medical advances since.” Yeah, like all the people who will perform illegal abortions have been keeping up with PubMed.

Thorn: White Knight Westerfield

Kentucky legislator Sen. Whitney Westerfield tweeted that even if Roe v Wade isn’t overturned, Kentucky should provide prenatal care and child care for low-income mothers and make adoption easier and simpler. Fine ideas. Except Westerfield has been sponsoring anti-abortion legislation since at least 2014. And he voted for the trigger law that passed in 2019, which would make abortion illegal in Kentucky immediately if Roe v Wade were overturned. A responsible legislator who actually cares about poor people in Kentucky wouldn’t be pushing for bills like that without safeguards (not that we agree with the legislation in the first place). Westerfield tries to present himself as a reasonable conservative, but he’s not when it comes to abortion.

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