40 Best OnlyFans Accounts, Free OnlyFans and Celeb Accounts To Follow 2022

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Say what you will about OnlyFans, but it remains the best content sharing site around, especially for independently-produced content you can’t find anywhere else.

For OnlyFans, two things matter: their content producers and people like you, the fans!

From mature, adult topics to fitness and more, the best OnlyFans accounts feature some of the top OnlyFans models in the industry. See what they’re all about in our list below, you might hit “subscribe” much sooner than you can imagine.

Hottest OnlyFans Rated and Reviewed

1. Kacy Black – Top OnlyFans Account Overall

Kacy’s socials:

What’s in store for you:

  • Adult photos and videos
  • Regular post updates
  • Amazing fan engagement
  • Customized content upon request

Price: $3 for 31 days grants you access to her general post content

Before anything else: you’re welcome.

Kacy Black is undeniably the top OnlyFans account right now. This minx has skyrocketed to popularity among fan circles ever since she made her debut online.

Make no mistake: This isn’t your basic PG-13 content.

It goes without saying that even her general post updates are definitely only for adult eyes, with scenes we won’t describe in detail here.

But what makes Kacy such a special talent by OnlyFans standards is her lack of boundaries. Sure, anyone can show some skin but Kacy caters to more discerning preferences, the sort of preferences that are yet to be mainstream.

In cases where you can’t find what you’re looking for from her general post content, Kacy is one of the best at providing fans with customized stuff. All you have to do is arrange for it via DMs and let her do her magic!

2. Maria Moobs – Proud Latinx OnlyFans Model

Maria’s socials:

What’s in store for you:

  • Very NSFW content
  • Regular post updates
  • Responsive messaging
  • Hot, customized photos and videos

Price: $3 makes you a general subscriber to her OnlyFans page for 31 days

Rarely will you see an independent content creator on OnlyFans that fits that quintessential, Latinx mold better than this model right here.

Seriously, though, very few OF pages can provide the same sort of wish fulfillment when it comes to bodacious booties and that’s pretty much her focus. 

She’s generous, too!

A quick gander at her socials, which you can access for free, provides some of the juiciest teasers. If you want the whole shebang, though, subscribe to her OnlyFans page where she regularly releases photos and videos that’ll definitely have you begging.

Maria is more than willing and happy to do customized adult videos and photos for you too. So, slide into those DMs and let yourself be amazed at what a hot, young lady can do.

3. Sam Slayres – Well-Loved OnlyFans Model

Sam’s socials:

What’s in store for you:

  • Daily post updates
  • Regular adult photo sets
  • Extremely hot solo videos
  • Customized content upon request

Price: $3 for 31 days makes you a subscriber to Sam’s OnlyFans account

Sam Slayres, aka Sam Hicklespoon, is the young lady next door whose parents have gone on a trip for the weekend, which means some sexy shenanigans are afoot.

This all-natural OnlyFans model might look innocent but that’s definitely not the case. That said, you’ll find that Sam’s post content has a nice, homey vibe to it all, even though it’s thoroughly NSFW. No over-the-top luxury scenes here, Sam keeps it comfortable and realistic.

And when she does explore, boy, you’re in for a treat! 

This model is a master of solo videos, and it’s quite impressive what she can do all alone.

You can also request customized videos and photo sets from this amazing OnlyFans model. Even better is that she’s willing to go out of her comfort zone to provide spicy content and even suggestions on how to use it, wink wink.

4. Bella Bumzy – OnlyFans Geeks Unite

Bella’s socials:

What’s in store for you:

  • Tons of NSFW booty content
  • Geek-oriented photos and videos
  • Lots of solo scenes
  • Virtual GF experience

Price: 31 days of subscription to her OnlyFans page is just $3

Bella Bumzy is a relative newcomer to OnlyFans, which makes it even more impressive that she’s already garnered quite a following on the content sharing platform. We’re not entirely surprised, though, because she sure knows how to please her subscribers.

This is mainly due to her killer figure, which honestly, fans are after.

She’s no one-trick pony, either. Aside from how she works it, Bella’s got a bag of tricks inspired by Japanese hentai. That’s right, guys and gals: if hentai or gaming is your thing, you can’t miss her as she brings it all together so deliciously.

Oh, and Bella’s a redhead too. So, all of you ginger fans have something to rave about when you see her.

Her daily posts aren’t redundant, either.

The only issue with this one is that she still hasn’t gotten her social media linking game up to speed. As of now, you won’t find her on Twitter, for example. It’s not all that bad, though, given all the content you still have access to on her OnlyFans page.

5. Zayla – Best OnlyFans Mommy

Zayla’s socials:

What’s in store for you:

  • Adults-only videos and photos
  • Cosplay fun
  • Virtual stepmom experience

Price: It’s $3 for 31 days of pure fun with Zayla on OnlyFans

People say that you should never put all your eggs in one basket, but OnlyFans model Zayla begs to differ. This hot stepmom has the niche on lock, and fans are treated to more than just the usual fodder when they subscribe to her OnlyFans page.

Yes, it’s a given that you’re bound to see some naughty adult solo videos and photo sets from Zayla. In fact, like a good stepmom who knows how to please, she even puts on cosplay attire to change things up from time to time.

You’re always in for a lovely surprise!

But where Zayla really shines is with her fan engagement. Apart from the fact that you can request customized content from this OnlyFans creator, she also provides a bona fide virtual girlfriend experience via DMs.

That’s if you’re willing to pay for it and can make it through the show. By the way, she likes her followers sweet, not nasty, so watch your words when you’re in the inbox.

6. Riley Kwums – Best Body Positive Model on OnlyFans

Riley’s socials:

What’s in store for you:

  • Amazing videos
  • NSFW themed photo sets
  • Customized content
  • Terrific fan engagement

Price: $3 grants you 31 days of access to her general post updates

What’s thick, juicy and delicious all over? Riley Kwums is the perfect response to that question. 

As far as curvy women go, Riley is the optimal OnlyFans account to subscribe to if you’re looking for ladies who know how to flaunt it all but with class.

The fan engagement with this content creator is something that other models on OF should strive for. Not only does she welcome conversations via DMs, she actually encourages her fans to hit her up as soon as you hit that “subscribe button”.

Riley provides a great balance between photos and videos, all within the adult category, and is open to providing you with live chat experiences where you can interact live for a more intimate feel.

You’ll also find a good helping of teasers featuring her beautiful assets on her social media pages as well, so it’s basically overflowing.

7. Cup of Carli – Best OnlyFans Account for Fitness Freaks

Carli’s socials:

What’s in store for you:

  • Beautiful, natural environments
  • Fitness photos galore
  • Solo adult video clips
  • SFW content

Price: $3 gets you a general subscription to her OnlyFans account for 31 days

Cup of Carli, also known as Carli Kay on her socials, is one of the best OnlyFans models in the NSFW fitness category. Unlike other content creators on OF who like to false-advertise what kind of niche they cater to, Carli’s pretty honest with what she does.

And it’s much appreciated.

She won’t hoodwink you into getting fitness tips while thinking you’re following an OnlyFans adult film star or vice-versa. Carli manages to play both sides, and the result is amazing photos and videos from an absolute minx who you know works out.

Whether she’s doing acrobatics in front of the camera or accomplishing the splits on her dining room table, Carli hits all the right buttons with the kind of lithe poses she gets herself into.

She also provides SFW content for her fans, and even non-subscribers can view the teasers on her social media pages. Of course, nothing beats getting all-access content to everything that Carli has to offer!

We highly recommend shelling out her highly affordable, monthly OnlyFans page subscription rate. You won’t regret it.

8. Lucy is Loud (Lucy Goyette) – Inspirational OnlyFans Model

Lucy’s socials:

What’s in store for you:

  • Unique and motivational
  • Lots of solo adult videos
  • Customized content for your pleasure
  • Natural feel

Price: $3 for 31 days of subscription to Lucy’s general post content

Lucy Goyette, or more popularly known as Lucy is Loud, has been an enthusiastic OF model relatively longer than other entries on this list. She’s never lost a step since she decided to make some of the loudest homemade clips out there.

Lucy’s mute, which makes her a shoo-in for the oft-overlooked and notoriously underrepresented deaf category. She mostly performs solo clips. But you’ll get treated to full-blown scenes where she performs with a partner…

If you stick around long enough, that is.

There’s no shortage of photo content on her OnlyFans page, once you become a subscriber. These range from nice SFW modeling pics to totally NSFW nudes that’ll make you keep coming back for more.

9. Emmy Beehz – Laid Back Yet Lively OnlyFans Model

Emmy’s socials:

What’s in store for you:

  • Nice SFW bikini photos
  • Occasional NSFW videos and pics
  • Lots of backside
  • Down-to-earth personality

Price: FREE subscriptions to her general post updates

Emmy Beehz is lean, but her booty is not and she definitely knows how to use it for your entertainment.

We’re actually blown away with how Emmy can properly turn her audience on and make them want to follow her OnlyFans page and other social media accounts without the use of hard NSFW content.

That’s right. She’s creative.

For the most part, Emmy either posts SFW modeling pics on her OnlyFans or borderline NSFW ones. We believe it’s because she’s mostly reserving her pure adult content for her FanCentro account these days.

When you luck out, you’ll occasionally be treated to top-notch adult stuff that won’t disappoint.

The best part? She doesn’t even charge users to subscribe to her OnlyFans account!

10. Haley Brooks – Best Free OnlyFans Videos

Haley’s socials:

What’s in store for you:

  • Generous amount of solo clips
  • Lots of naughtiness
  • Addictive videos
  • Virtual girlfriend experience

Price: FREE subscription to her OnlyFans page

Blondes have more fun, and Haley Brooks is testament to that. This hot model has established a solid following on OnlyFans by treating her fans to some good ol’ racy content.

Mainly, you’re going to find lots of nude photos featuring her assets in full display. You’ll also be treated to lots of solo videos from this amazing woman.

Suffice it to say that Haley’s the kind of OnlyFans model who’s perfect for people who want to rub one out but don’t have much time to do so. Her short clips are more than enough to get you there, believe me.

If those itty, bitty clips don’t cut it, don’t worry: Haley does longer form, customized content for her fans. All you need to do is send her a DM and, hey, she’ll even give you a nice virtual GF experience while you’re at it.

11. Molly Sims – Hottest OnlyFans With Great Production Values

Molly’s socials:

What’s in store for you:

  • Amazing themed photos and videos
  • Great customized content upon request
  • Stuff for sale (just ask her!)
  • Adult star persona

Price: FREE subscription to her OnlyFans account

Molly Sims is a curvy, petite brunette that’s so attractive she could easily pass as an A-list star, nevertheless, OnlyFans is her home. She definitely doesn’t need the help of a big studio to give you the business you’re craving.

With Molly’s free subscription, you’ll be treated to tons of borderline NSFW photos and videos featuring just the right amount of nudity to pique your interest.

We love a little modesty, honestly.

Once she has her delicious hook in you, you can start purchasing her more exclusive stuff. Molly provides some of the most amazing customized photos and videos that are done exactly to your specs.

If you want a quick fix, she also offers pre-recorded stuff from her inventory of photos and videos. These include hot clips that range from solo adventures to shower scenes and some of the hottest roleplay around.

12. Daisy Dray – Top OnlyFans Account With No Boundaries

Daisy’s socials:

What’s in store for you:

  • Curvy queen
  • Customized content upon request
  • Hot sexting option
  • Very few limits

Price: You can subscribe to her OnlyFans page for FREE!

Daisy has classic, Latinx looks and mother nature gifted her with some serious beauty and curves. Talk about that hourglass shape!

She offers free subscriptions to her OF page, which grants you access to her general post content. These are mostly teasers to whet your appetite for the main course, though: her customized stuff.

Slide into her DMs for a request and you’ll find that she barely has any boundaries when it comes to what she’ll do. Whether you want her to dress in a cow costume or any other outrageous act, nearly everything is par for the course with Daisy.

13. Aisha – Upcoming, Interactive OnlyFans Account


Aisha’s socials:

What’s in store for you:

  • Super responsive private messaging
  • Free NSFW photos
  • Exclusive content upon request
  • Flexible and fun

Price: Free general subscriptions to her OF page

Aisha’s the kind of OnlyFans creator who aims to please, and she does so fabulously! This is one model that’s basically hard to categorize, given that she can easily change her look to match your preferences with ease.

That’s just how flexible Aisha is, people! That nose ring is just a bonus that gives her an air of seductive danger.

Not only are you getting a compliant OF model here, but she’ll also treat you to some of the most entertaining and responsive DMs that you’ll find on OnlyFans. There’s nothing routine or robotic about her conversational skills and we love that.

Whether you’re on the market for a virtual GF experience or you want to get in on some of her more exclusive content, all you have to do is ask.

14. Sunny – Versatile Cyber Kitty on OnlyFans

Sunny’s socials:

What’s in store for you:

  • NSFW content
  • Amazing DM experiences
  • Fun, versatile gallery
  • Calls herself a kitty

Price: Free general subscriptions to her OF page

Versatility, thy name is Sunny Rayez! True to her name, this hot OnlyFans account can brighten up even the most sullen person’s day with the help of her amazing content. 

Although she’s a perfect fit for the neighbor-next-door genre, Sunny offers more than that with the various themes and categories she uses in her pics and vids. Seriously, rarely will you find a model who can toss on as many hats as Sunny – and do so in such a fabulous manner.

As a general subscriber to her FREE OnlyFans account, you’ll be treated to a bevy of both SFW and NSFW image sets and short clips. She also does cosplay content for her fans and even provides virtual GF experiences should you wish to slide into her DMs.


To give you an idea, hit her up with a private message and marvel at just how willing she is to provide personalized photos and videos.

Now, that’s a complete package if we ever saw one.

15. Charlie – Free OnlyFans GamerGirl Account

Charlie’s socials:

What’s in store for you:

  • NSFW image sets and videos
  • Exclusive stuff by request
  • Hot gamer girl content
  • New model

Price: FREE subscription, oh yeah!

We just love Charlie and think that you will too. She comes with a beautiful combo of Latinx heritage which she’s proud of, and a delicious, geeky outlook that some would die to partake in virtually.

She might be a newer model on OnlyFans, but she’s already uploaded a fair amount of NSFW stuff for her fans. Did we mention she loves a good tease?


You’ll be getting a whole wad of gamer girl-themed and weeaboo photos and videos where she’s dressed up in schoolgirl outfits with oh-so-sexy expressions on her face.

Of course, nothing beats getting exclusive stuff that’s meant for your eyes only. For that, we highly recommend that you shoot her a DM and place an order, sky’s the limit here.

16. Paige Macky – Top Cosplay OnlyFans

Paige’s socials:

What’s in store for you:

  • Lots of NSFW cosplay content
  • Interesting quirks (gotta subscribe for a full idea)
  • Exclusive photos and videos
  • OnlyFans newcomer

Price: Her general OnlyFans page is free to subscribe to

Paige Macky is one of the hottest newcomers on OnlyFans right now, especially in the cosplay adult niche. However, that might not be readily apparent when you first arrive on this well-dressed weeaboo’s OF page.

But as they say, first impressions don’t last, and you’ll surely be missing a lot if you don’t give Paige’s– err– page a chance. 

She offers free subs to her general subscribers. That means you won’t have to spend a single penny getting some spice in your life with the help of anime and gaming-inspired lewd cosplays that Ms. Macky provides.

If you want her to bare all though, we highly recommend DMing her for one-of-a-kind, personalized stuff instead. That’s when it becomes uncensored, and…

My, oh my.

Simply put, “crazy stupid fine” is a great descriptor for this OnlyFans rising star, and you should definitely get on this bandwagon before she blows up like Bitcoin.

17. Samantha Ava – Best OnlyFans Blondie Trope

Sam’s socials:

What’s in store for you:

  • LGBTQ+ inclusive
  • Parties with hot friends
  • Virtual GF take

Price: $9 per month for her general OF feed

Samantha Ava is one of the reasons that most people think OnlyFans is an adults-only site. That’s not a knock against this model, though; we’re actually quite happy that she’s doing her thing on OF.

If you like blue-eyed, blonde bombshells, we highly recommend you pony up and subscribe. You won’t get any duds even from her general OF feed; it’s all killer from start to finish.

To be specific, not only are you getting NSFW photos and videos from Samantha, but she does full-fledged adult films for her subscribers, too. You’ll just as easily find her in scenes with other guys as you would with other hot women.

Looking for the ultimate, well-rounded OnlyFans adventure? She offers virtual GF experiences and “member” ratings too, just ask her about it.

18. Kat Aphrodisiac – True to Her OnlyFans Name

Kat’s socials:

What’s in store for you:

  • Uncensored videos and photos
  • Custom content by request
  • Intimate DM experiences
  • Luxury themed

Price: $4 a month for her general OF feed

Sometimes you need a bit of a pick-me-up and Kat Aphrodisiac can make that happen. If there’s one word to describe this fit brunette, it’s this: unadulterated.

Kat almost exclusively produces adult content for her OnlyFans subscribers, regardless if you’re a general follower or a commissioner.

One of our favorite things about this unashamedly naughty OnlyFans account is how Kat is one of the friendliest, fan-focused models out there. This is despite the fact that she’s into the whole luxury thing.

Sending her a DM will always grant you with a reply directly from her, which is way more than can be said for other agency-managed celebs on OnlyFans.

As far as her content goes, you’ll absolutely appreciate that she’s definitely not into amateur selfie hour. She does do solo stuff, but it’s all balanced by dedicated couple and group scenes that she performs on the regular.

19. Lola – Best OnlyFans Account for Group Scenes

Lola’s socials:

What’s in store for you:

  • Lots of group play
  • NSFW image sets and videos
  • Custom content available by request

Price: $3.15 for her general OnlyFans feed

Lola is simply amazing.

This model is definitely testament to how the adult entertainment landscape has changed over the years and it would be no surprise at all if she became an AVN award recipient.

At the very least, Lola is into connecting with others on camera. 

Meaning, you’ll most often see her engaging with friends versus doing solo stuff. On top of her already intensely hot couple scenarios, you can also find lots of triangle content from this account.

So, yeah, somebody better hand her a trophy because she knows how to bring it.

20. Victoria – Provocative OnlyFans Model

Victoria’s socials:

What’s in store for you:

  • Robust video archive
  • Custom stuff upon request
  • Special party scenes

Price: $4.50 monthly makes you her general OF subscriber

Victoria will have your jaw drop in more ways than one. First and foremost, she’s a hot, fit brunette that looks perfectly at home inside the Penthouse mansion. Thankfully, though, she’s not into all that corporate bullcrap.

This is OnlyFans, baby!

Victoria might be the hardest-working model on our list. It’s one thing to post NSFW photos on the daily, but to produce adult videos and full-on image sets like there’s no tomorrow? Well, that’s Victoria for you.

She has more than 100 mature scenes under her belt, most of which are available to general subscribers. You can also purchase her pre-made stuff via DMs or commission her for a hot, kinky scene made especially for you.

With all this, she manages to keep things fresh and engaging, and that, my friends, is seriously impressive.

21. Doutzen – Extreme OnlyFans Account

Doutzen’s socials:

What’s in store for you:

  • Hardcore categories
  • Satisfying custom content
  • Great bundles for sale
  • Not afraid to bare all

Price: $3 for 30 days to her general OF feed

We can’t exactly say here the name that Doutzen has given herself, but you can find out what it is and why by clicking on her OnlyFans page.

Whereas some OF accounts focus on variety, Doutzen chose the specialist’s route by leaning heavily toward the backside niche. That’s not to say you won’t find other stuff on her OF page. She also offers more vanilla scenes if that’s what you’re after.

You also get sweet deals on her content bundles when you become a general subscriber to her OnlyFans account. Simply shoot her a DM to see what’s available for sale.

22. Rosalia – Another New Talent on OnlyFans

Rosalia’s socials:

What’s in store for you:

  • Curvy, Latinx model
  • Amazing virtual GF experience
  • Customs available

Price: $3.15 makes you a subscriber to her general OF feed

The universe was generous enough to give Rosalia a heaping dose of good looks, which she definitely uses to pay it forward via her OnlyFans account.

Simply speaking, Rosalia doesn’t just put herself on display here, she works hard for her fans. To say she’s one of the best OnlyFans entertainers would be an understatement.

She specializes in doing lesbian scenes and providing her subscribers with virtual GF experiences. So, if you want to make the most out of your subscription, then we highly recommend sliding into her DMs to request your own fantasies.

Top OnlyFans Runner-Ups and Celebrity OnlyFans Accounts

  • Charly Jordan Internet celebrity that can go from tease to full-blown minx in seconds
  • Jordyn WoodsMostly focuses on “tasteful” adult stuff
  • MeiMoe Perfect for weebs who like curves
  • Lexi Belle – Hall of famer doing custom content on OnlyFans
  • Ginny PotterIf you like moms, then you’ll love Ginny
  • Blac Chyna – Classic yet satisfying OnlyFans model
  • Pia MiaOnlyFans model that still loves to twerk
  • Tana MongeauFamily-friendly influencer turned naughty OF star
  • Jessica NigriWorld-famous cosplayer now doing indie adult films
  • Jem WolfieShe’ll reel you in with fitness, you’ll stay for other things
  • KaitFit model who provides you with hot cheerleader content
  • LorenNothing but delicious content

Best OnlyFans Models FAQs

Who are the best OnlyFans models right now?

Each and every one of our top picks can be considered the best OnlyFans models right now. All that’s left to determine your favorite is just a matter of personal preference.

Are you into the down-to-earth style? Check out Kacy Black, Sam Slayres or Emmy Beehz. 

Those of you who have a thing for mommies or curvy women can go for the likes of Zayla, Daisy Dray and Molly Sims. Even more discerning subscribers can enjoy the OnlyFans pages of Lucy is Loud or Bella Bumzy.

Can I subscribe to the best OnlyFans models for free?

Yes, some OnlyFans models you can subscribe to for free.

Haley Brooks and Sunny Rayez offer free subscriptions to their general content, but nothing beyond that. So, you won’t have to pay anything persay, unless you want super NSFW or customized content.

What type of content can I find on OnlyFans?

The type of content you can find on OnlyFans is widely varying.

OnlyFans is mostly popular for adult content creators who provide their subscribers with NSFW stuff like photos and videos.

But there are other SFW content creators out there, such as musicians, fitness experts and even educators who provide content outside the realm of adult industry stuff.

Regardless if it’s adult or not, OnlyFans uses a subscription-based system for you to grab whatever its content creators offer. You can also purchase customized or private content from OnlyFans models.

How do I search for the best OnlyFans models?

To search for the best OnlyFans models, we need to let you in on a little insider secret.

If there’s one thing that holds OnlyFans back, it’s that there’s no search engine on the site to help you look for the right kind of content creator to follow.

Instead, you have to rely on the models and celebrities themselves to provide links to their OnlyFans pages, via other social media accounts like IG or Twitter.

You can also use third-party OnlyFans search engines that you can find online. Some of them are free to use, while others cost a fee.

Is OnlyFans only for female models?

No, OnlyFans isn’t only for female models. OnlyFans is open to any and all genders or sexual preferences. 

Beyond that, OnlyFans is open to content other than modeling afterall. As long as the content you want to purchase/follow or create falls within their terms of use, then you can definitely find it on this top content sharing platform.

Top OnlyFans To Follow – Final Words

OF content creators like Kacy Black, Maria Moobs and Sam Slayres are just a few of the many models you can find on OnlyFans right now. They tick all the right boxes, from the variety of content they offer to how they go about interacting with fans.

Since OnlyFans doesn’t have any search engine to speak of, our top picks can be just the right resource you need to discover the perfect OnlyFans account to follow right now.

Enjoy, everyone!