Thorns & Roses: Staying In Jail Could Have Been A Death Sentence For Quintez Brown

THORN: This Is Life Or Death

There’s something often missing from the debate about whether Quintez Brown should have been bailed out of jail after being charged with shooting at mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg. Metro Corrections is saying that three of the six deaths at the jail since November have been suicides. All indicators point to Brown having serious mental heath issues. To keep him in jail may very well have been a death sentence. Throughout this whole situation, we’ve avoided the loss of a life. Let’s keep it that way.

ABSURD: Breaking Bad In New Me—, Er, Albany

An IUS professor has allegedly pulled a Walter White. Police discovered a “very large psilocybin mushroom grow operation” inside her home, including 295 pounds of psilocybin-infused liquid, over three and a half pounds of actual psilocybin mushrooms, six grams of LSD paper and more. Instead of being motivated by cancer, however, fine arts teacher Anne Allen told police she had a different medical condition that necessitated the use of her “oyster mushrooms:” The munchies.

THORN: The Rush To Unmask

As COVID cases dip, Republican lawmakers, like Louisville council member Anthony Piagentini, are clamoring to rip the masks from school children’s faces… now! Hey, we all want the pandemic to be over. But, the CDC and Kentucky’s health commissioner have come out with their guidance: Masks can be abandoned once community COVID levels hit green. So, sit down, zip your lips and you can raise your hand once we get there. 

ROSE: For Trying

Kentucky Democrats introduced two marijuana legalization bills two weeks ago.

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