Barrie Brings Her Wonky Dream Pop About Love And Loss To Louisville Tonight

Wonky dream pop anyone? That’s what artist Barrie is dishing, and if you’ll be at Zanzabar this evening, this is what you’ll be getting served. Growing up in Ipswich, Massachusetts, Barrie says that big sounds are what she craved, and LEO caught up to Barrie via email and asked about how she’s been creating and what to expect from her show this Friday night.  

LEO: Is this your first trip to Louisville?

Barrie Lindsey:  First time!

Tell me about your new album?

My latest album, Barbara, is simultaneously about losing my dad to cancer and falling in love with my now-wife. It’s a departure from my last album, in that I wrote and produced it totally myself. I’ve always wanted to see what an album would sound like that I made completely alone. It sounds exactly how I imagined it in my head, though I did get a lot of creative input from my wife, who’s a really great musician and producer. I took some risks on this record, using somewhat diaristic lyrics and trying out a lot of new timbres and textures, and I’m really happy with the result.

How many shows are you playing on this tour? How did COVID affect your touring and how does it feel to be able to tour more freely?

We’re playing 31 shows on this tour. COVID caused a lot of show cancellations and rescheduled shows. It’s easy to forget that not only can being in a room with a bunch of people be unsafe, but also a lot of rehearsing goes into these shows, so we’ve had to do a lot of calculating whether or not we can even prepare the show, let alone perform it safely!

It feels really good to be back out touring. There are people coming to the shows who we haven’t gotten to see in a few years now, so it’s been really nice to see them again. 

What did you do during lockdown?

In March 2020, I was living in Massachusetts to be closer to my family, while my wife was in New York for school. When her school went remote, we ended up moving up to Maine together, where I wrote and recorded most of the album. We spent a lot of time with my family, cooked a lot, and watched a lot of rom-coms.

What should local fans expect from your show?

We’ve got an incredible keyboard player, Sarah, who is controlling all of the music, while three of us sing and dance. Jordyn and Gabby choreographed most of the set, and we had some help from a really talented choreographer Matilda Sakamoto for three of the songs. It’s really exciting!

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Barrie Brings Her Wonky Dream Pop About Love And Loss To Louisville Tonight

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